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  1. Is Osama Bin Laden's video authentic?
  2. Rules of this forum: Polls
  3. Ideas for Poll questions
  4. What do you game on the most?
  5. Halo 3 was ....
  6. Baseball Picks - Who Will Take It All?
  7. Would you vote for Steven Colbert?
  8. Rockies or Red Sox?
  9. How do you listen to your music in your ride?
  10. Who will cross the line "Nextel Cup Champion"?
  11. Favorite TW Division?
  12. Who will win the 'Regular season Superbowl'?
  13. Do you like American sports?
  14. What monitor you got?
  15. Do you ever look at your (or others) total post count?
  16. Do you know your own Forum Member ID Number?
  17. Will you be more prone to spawn someone if ....?
  18. .... now, say you got spawned yourself...?
  19. Are you a pubber?
  20. Bounce vs No Bounce
  21. Do you own a Social Networking Site Page?
  22. How do you watch movies at home?
  23. Whats your favourite league in trenchwars.
  24. Which part of Trench Wars do you feel should be developed upon the most?
  25. Who do you see taking this at the end? (Democratic Primary)
  26. What is "Your" Maximum Resolution?
  27. Has a bird ever taken a dump on you?
  28. Chipotle?
  29. TWD/L Roster Limits?
  30. What kind of polls do you prefer?
  31. Coke or Pepsi
  32. Tits or Ass
  33. 2008 Chase for the Sprint Cup Winner is ...?
  34. How do you browse the forums?
  35. Wjc
  36. Tourny changes
  37. Who is your favourite Dean of Staff?
  38. What flavor of TW Radio do you enjoy?
  39. What would get you to tune in to TW Radio?
  40. For a paid entry tournament. What would you set the lag limits to?
  41. Would you throw money into a pot for a cash tournament? How much?
  42. Poll?
  43. How awesome is clue
  44. How much do you love this game?