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Divine Rides
06-28-2004, 08:26 AM
Disoblige nieet Palliesh anto LB-TW rashkiit uthor (hac hac hac hac hac) (http://www.nads-sc.uiowa.edu/~scable/doit/diso.wmv)
Ah the epic battles of Diso and Pallies- so well matched in both the dueling leagues, and such beautiful battle poetry between them in basing. We love these guys, they are our brother squadron, and seeing them down pains me, but these motherfuckers and us share the same era, and even if we beat them sensless this Sunday, they're still the second best basing squad of all time.

So let's talk about Pallies for a while, because nobody's mentioned us yet ONCE this season in any thread about any league, and I think it's about time we got some attention (heh).

We just had another sweep this weekend, we beat grapevine in TWLD and Syndicate in TWLJ (RB in TWLB, but that was no surprise)- two of the, if not the best squads in their respective leagues. So calling us a basing favorite is a bit of an understatement, but that's nothing new, we've been doing the basing thing well for a couple years now, but we have to be considered one of the favorites in the two dueling leagues as well. For those of you not privvy to Pallies, we started about four years ago, founded by RogerMexico and myself, as a grass roots (by that i mean, we got high) squadron out of Iowa City, fucking Iowa. We have got to have the best turnover ratio of any squad (by best, I mean, a lot of people never leave), and we have a core of guys who have been playing together for a loooooong time- so it does my heart good to see our success right now. We knew going into our first full TWBT (it was this other league) that we could base, but being a three-league contender now is beautiful, it's like watching your kid grow up and fuck all the sweetest tail, plus have the starring role in the play, and point guard the basketball teaam. (plus he still does his chores, I'm proud of you son) Anyways, long story made shorter, BIG FUCKING UPS TO OURSELVES, win, lose, or draw, love us or hate us, championships or not, we fucking did this shit, and we make it look sexy. Having said that, Pallies is going to bow out of leagues for the remainder of the TWL season to make room for other up and coming squads, so that they too might get to experience the trials and tribulations of subspace squadery.
Thank you for having us, and good night.
-Divine Rides

Jerome Scuggs
06-28-2004, 11:21 AM
new video? or is it an old one

06-28-2004, 11:33 AM
old video jerome.

EDIT: Viva Sweden