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03-17-2006, 11:56 PM
second straight bracket this struggler's shitty teams have ruined for me. cant imagine what itd be like to be a kansas fan.

note: the reason im at a computer on st patricks day is its my dads birthday, dont judge me

03-18-2006, 01:31 AM
That was a ridiculous game... actually the whole first round has been ridiculous. 10 upsets (I'm talking about a lower seeded team beating a higher seeded team, even if it's a 9 over an 8) total! It just goes to show you, that this is one of the toughest NCAA brackets in many years. No #1 seed is safe at any time during this bracket, and both Memphis and Uconn were shown that today. I think UConn actually has the easiest bracket, with their #2 seed team being Tenesee, which just barely beat Winthrop and has been struggling towards the end of this season (if it wasn't for such a phenominal first 3/4s of the season they definitely wouldn't be at the #2 spot they are now).

There are going to be some great games tommorow, these are the games to watch IMO:
Duke vs George Washington - 1:10 EST
Indiana vs Gonzaga - 8:10 EST (this is THE game to watch, if you're going to watch anything tommorow afternoon)
Alabama vs UCLA - 8:00 EST
Illinois vs Washington - 5:30 EST
Wichita State vs Tenesee - 3:40 EST(another great game to watch... I can see UNC getting an easy win over either team however)

I hope a lot of the cinderella fire will carry on to this second round, I'm so excited I can't sleep (in two days I've watched almost 20 hours of basketball).

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03-18-2006, 12:10 PM
Texas looked pretty dismal against U of Penn. Even though I picked Texas to win, I so, so ,so would have liked seeing Penn upset TX.

I thought the the end of the NWS was a great game. I would never have guessd Iowa to have gone down in that game.

I would love to see a 3rd meeting of Nova & UCONN...never know.