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Capital Knockers
04-26-2006, 06:01 PM
Quarterfinals are here baby!

Detroit vs. Edmonton
EDM leads series 2-1!
Game 4 @ EDM - Thurs 9 30pm EST

I think this series could go either way. I'm personally cheering for the Canadian team, but I still think Detroit has the speed and puck control to knock the Oilers on their ass. I see this being a 7 game series.

Ottawa vs Tampa Bay
OTT leads series 2-1!
Game 4 @ TP - Thurs 7 00pm EST

The Sens.. damn this is our year. We're going for the cup baby. Like we just slammed TP 8-4 last game, and Chara just about put this kid thru 3ft of ice. I'm going to call a 5 games series.. but seeing how the sens know how to choke, and TP won the last cup, it might be a 6.

Dallas vs Colorado
COL leads series 2-0!
Game 3 @ COL - Wed 9 30pm EST

I'm not following this series as well, I think Colorado will take it in 6 games, but I'd prefer to see the Stars break on through.

To be honest those are the 3 Im following and don't feel like typing out the rest. Just goto NHL.com its on the homepage. Plus so many teams use red :P

So anyone else into the playoffs? Watching a different set of games. Who do you think is going to take Stanely?

04-26-2006, 06:16 PM
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Troll King
04-26-2006, 07:53 PM
As all of the first round playoff series will have played their third games tonight, you'd think that there'd either already be a thread about the Stanley cup playoffs or, if there isn't already one at that point, there'd be little reason in starting one, especially if you're only going to mention three of the 8 matchups and tell everyone to go elsewhere for the others.