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05-28-2006, 01:02 AM
Wow, that was a pretty entertaining card. Obviously, the fight that deserves the most attention was the Gracie/Hughes fight.

I already knew Royce was legendary. I already knew he was a hall-of-famer. But after seeing his arm go Bizzaro World while maintaining a Jesus Ferguson pokerface---and then show practically zero emotion after being defeated---call it cliche, but this guy is truly one of the greatest warriors ever. Joe Roggan said it best in the post fight, it was obvious Royce was going to let his arm break before tapping out.

All credit to Matt Hughes, though. He just has such a great all-around game---explosiveness, freakish strength, solid defense, great wrestling, great stand-up, elite conditioning... He's just an unbelievable athlete.

I really liked the Lister/Sakara fight, too. Lister had an amazingly tight guard and a fantastic ground game. His submission was freakin awesome. What the hell is it called? I don't remember seeing that before.

I was pretty disappointed by the Sanchez/Alessio fight. Diego looked leaner and quicker than previous fights, but he lacked the explosiveness to take down Alessio---but Alessio's defense was pretty damn respectable. He deserves credit for that, considering Diego's specialty is his ground game. However, aside from opening a cut above Diego's right eye, he didn't do much to win the fight. Only because John fought all three rounds in a "not-to-lose" fashion, I agree with the outcome. Barely. Neither fighter impressed me that much in this particular fight, but at least Sanchez was constantly looking to be the aggressor, and impose his will. The crowd obviously disagreed with the decision, though. As an aside---what the hell was up with the judge who scored 30-27? I don't understand that one.

The Vera and Swick victories were pretty entertaining, too. Melvin looked pretty decent, too. Dude is huge considering his weight class! And what about the viscious knee to the head of Matt Wilman? Fisher absolutely dismantled him in a brutal finale.

06-01-2006, 11:31 PM
I'm enjoying watching Swick fight, he's very entertaining. I think anybody that thought Royce would win is an idiot, and I stand by that. The next PPV card looks good to me, The first round is over on the TV show, with perhaps the shittiest fight today where they both swung at each other like girls.

06-01-2006, 11:37 PM
noticed that, neither one wanted to win that fight heh

06-01-2006, 11:55 PM
I can't fucking wait till UFC 61. Silvia vs. Arlovski II!! Tito Ortiz vs. Shamrock!!! AWW FUCK YEA!!

06-03-2006, 12:53 PM
Yea, sad to say I'm probably going to buy this one too---even though most of the fights end up on YouTube within a couple days anyway :P

I'm sure this is going to be another one of UFC's "celebrity matches", and Ortiz is going to beat the snot out of Shamrock again. And thanks to the cross-promotion with The Ultimate Fighter, this is going to be a huge payday for Dana White again.

I gotta hand it to him. I realize the marketing strategy behind it, and yet I'm STILL going to hand over my $40 dollars. They put just enough good undercards with it that they make it worth the price. And Arlovski is going to pummel Silvia.