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07-12-2006, 03:28 PM
Good game last night. The only down side was that FOX carried the coverage on the event.

Was especially poor that they conducted interviews during the actual game and the camera was off of the action. Almost missed one HR due to that. They also made it a point to go to commercial break during the inning and come back after missing a batter or two. I guess that was because the main entertainment was to see Roberto Clemente's wife get an award 34 years after he had died. The Hall of Fame induction was not enough? What a load of crap! And the guy that sang God Bless America? what a crock...they cut from play to air a commercial so they could come back to that garbage? Like the National Anthem is not enough!!!

FOX networks are only good for cartoons...they really should have sports taken away from them. THEY SUCK!

Otherwise...good game except for the Fox coverage.