View Full Version : UFC Ultimate Fight Night (lead in to TUF4)

08-20-2006, 05:23 PM
Anyone else catch this? I missed the first couple of fights, but saw Chris Leben put someone to sleep--big time. The Von Flue fight was kinda boring. But the best fight had to be Diego "Dirty" Sanchez and Karo Parisyan.

Holy moses, it was a pretty good fight the first couple of rounds (if you like grappling and throwing)---looked like Diego was a little behind, because Karo was making some great Judo throws on Diego, and (for the most part) seemed to be controlling the standup. But the third round really sealed the deal for Sanchez when his conditioning really put him over the top. His defense really started to shine, and he started really pummelling Karo during the stand up. Sanchez had some nice ground and pound moments, some excellent ground defense, but the two things that stood out to me was when he knocked out Karo's tooth and finished the fight strong, pounding his face with some combinations in a full mount.

But the main problem for Diego is what division he's in. Right now, Hughes is dominating the Welterweight division---and that won't change anytime soon. The only way for Sanchez to have a chance at that belt is to improve his game by leaps and bounds and get much, much stronger---and wait a couple years for Hughes to get older.

08-22-2006, 08:49 PM
Sanchez could be huge if he moved back up a weightclass, i saw the ufll card, was pretty good.

I await drooling for bonnar griffin 2.