View Full Version : Chris Weber the next 76er up for grabs

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01-12-2007, 10:22 AM
The Sixers are now looking at getting rid of Chris Weber.

They are really cleaning house!! A few years too late, but one can only blame the 76er's for giving such ridiculous contracts.

Pistons, Mavericks, Lakers & the Heat have shown interest.

Good luck! I will be amazed to see him play for more than 1/2 a season since he is plagued with ankle problems.

01-16-2007, 01:10 PM
He's officially a Piston now. Yea, it's actually the Kings who gave that bum the contract. But Philly was stupid to accept it as a trade.

I can't tell you how much C-Webb annoys me. He's one of the most consistently disgruntled players whose poor attitude undermines any skill he has left. When things were going good in Sacramento---back in the glory days of the Bench Mob, and the Lakers-Kings rivalry of the early 2000 years---he was a great teammate.

When he started getting injured and complaining about his playing time (after his surgically repaired knee) and the Kings started losing a lot of games, he would have the most undermining, negative, bullshit quotes in the Sacramento Bee (local paper). Basically, he was fighting for playing time with Peja Stojakovic. He would talk shit about Peja Stojakovic, basically Webber called him a choker and a pussy. Then he started taking absurd 3-point shots at the end of games, when he's one of the team's worst 3 point shooters.

God bless Detroit. They're taking him, probably because Webber is a local legend. But he's a bitter, old, delusional, undermining, banged-up asshole. But at least he can still pass, when he doesn't lose touch with reality and try to carry the team.