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H.M.S. Stargazer
06-27-2009, 12:19 AM
Anyone up for this?

06-27-2009, 01:51 AM
puma 3-0 again

Black Mage
06-27-2009, 03:04 AM
Its tough because its so dependent on players showing. But its late and I'm bored so I'll take a shot at TWDTD at least:

Woot vs. Top5Squad
Both teams looking to rebound after losing games they were probably favored going into(using optimal lineups, which Woot did not show for sure), I'm going to assume that Jaa will get his players to show again but Woot may not, signaling another downfall for them. They'll definitely need Racka and Weaver to show if they want a chance of winning in warbird as the season goes.

Kobra Kai vs. Ruby
Two winners square off in this one. Can Humid score 20+ kills again? My magic 8-ball says that "Signs point to no." Or can Geisha who was dropped by Without Ease (why was that again considering he showed last week? Will he not be around later?) do enough damage to give his team the win? Yeah, probably the latter.

Without Ease vs. Puma
Another matchup of 2 winners, and once again I'm giving the edge to the team that didn't receive an unusual carry in the first game (siaxis with a +6), but rather a predictable one (raspi with a +8). Like Jaa, Ignite did his homework with picks so he should get a strong turnout of his players.

Revenge vs. Internet Predators
In the last matchup of the week (of teams in a 0-1 hole), I like Revenge, but am worried by the number of differing play-styles in their line. In the end i think D_R's team is just a little weak in wbs, so Revenge should be able to take it.

Just my $0.02 on the matter.

06-27-2009, 06:38 AM
TWDT-J Predictions - Round 2:

Without Ease vs. Kobra Kai
This week both teams start off with a 0 - 1 after getting their ass kicked by 17 to 18 points last week. I personally think that Kobra Kai has way more balanced team in Javelin -- however if Megaman89 shows up for this match then Without Ease just might get their first win in TWDT-J.

Lineup of Without Ease: Megaman89 - Raples - i.d. - Hypocrit - Golden_Aim (6*)
Substitutes: Kid, Valker & Caos.

Lineup of Kobra Kai: Kim - Tera - Marge (6*) - Pjotter - Evildeed.
Substitutes: Ardour, Paska & Jrahen.

Prediction: 41-50 ~ Kobra Kai wins with Marge MVPing.

WOOT vs. top5squad

Both teams have excellent lineups and this is going to be a tough match for sure. WOOT won their first match with ease (ironically, Ease was playing as well!) and top5squad lost a close match vs. Revenge's powerhouse. Another funny point seems to be that everyone on WOOT's "javelin team" hates me more than anything else, haha. Wonder why? :wub:

Lineup of WOOT: Ease - Eelam - Spawnisen - Creature (6*) - H0M0.
Substitutes: Flared, Zidane & Da1andonly.

Lineup of top5squad: Evasive - Scoop - Locket (6*) - Hunt - Children
Substitutes: Paradise, Death Row & Cui.

Prediction: 50-39 ~ WOOT wins with Ease MVPing.

Internet Predators vs. Ruby

Internet Predators have more depth in the TWDT-J than Ruby does. They have a lot of good javelins to pick from, where as Ruby has a very limited selection. I believe that Internet Predators have a slight edge over Ruby.

Will Ruby be able to redeem themselves after choking last week vs. PUMA? We will see about that!

Lineup of Internet Predators: Fludd - Spikey - Shadowmere - RednaZ - Damnifier (4*)
Substitutes: FieryFire, Jamal & Shan

Lineup of Ruby: Havok - Draft - Mess - Stayon - Jethro Tull (6*)
Substitutes: Revered, Dald & a2m.

Prediction: 50-38 ~ Internet Predators win with Fludd MVPing.

Revenge vs. PUMA

Both teams started with a win last week but I expect Revenge 'destroying our team' this week. Revenge has a bunch of great players (Singer, Hercules, Maketso and Aimbot to mention a few) where as Puma only has a couple of players worth mentioning.

Lineup of Revenge: Hercules - Singer - Maketso - Aimbot - Exploid (6*)
Substitutes: Necromotic, Dawk & Ara.

Lineup of PUMA: Ceyve - Century - Horror - Festival (6*) - Lomoro
Substitutes: Shock Therapy, Ro & Havu.

Prediction: 50-42 ~ Revenge wins whoever PUMA's Ceyve MVPs. There's a chance that Hercules does another little 'choke', but I doubt it. He's an excellent player when he bothers to try. :wub:

Post scriptum: Not going to play this weekend. I completely messed up ignites plans! :fear:

TWDT-B Predictions - Round 2:

Internet Predators vs. WOOT

Internet Predators have one of the best terriers playing this week -- and that man is .. *drumrolls* ..Their captain, Chocolate Rain (Dead_Rain)!

Internet Predators started with a win (or should I say a rape) vs. Without Ease winning by over 14 minutes! WOOT lost a close match vs Revenge, but now to the prediction. I feel that Internet Predators do not have a strong sharking couple, but their spiders and terrier are deadly (Jamal, Spikey, Dead_Rain). However you should not take WOOT lightly, they do have some great players in there!

Lineup of Internet Predators: Dead_Rain (Terrier) - Spikey / Jamal / Hellkite / Fiftysevent (Spiders) - M_M God (Javelin) - Midoent (4*) / Downfall (Sharks)
Substitutes: Mikkiz (Terrier) - Spezza <TW> (Spider) - RednaZ (Shark).

Lineup of WOOT: Brookus (Terrier) - Kawrae / Ease / Beast of the East (6*) / Eelam (Spiders) - Da1andonly (Javelin/Warbird) - MHz / Confluence (Sharks)
Substitutes: JeBu (Terrier) - StarWeaver (Spider) - PureOwnage (Shark)

Prediction: 15:00-6:21 ~ Internet Predators win with Jamal MVPing.

Kobra Kai vs. Without Ease

Without Ease and Kobra Kai both got their ass kicked, bad. Both lost by over 10 minutes and were easily the worst performers last week in TWDT-B. Wonder what will happen in this match..

Lineup of Kobra Kai: Dreamwin (Terrier) - Humid / Paska / Turmio / Mikes (Spider) - Ardour (Warbird?) - Vatican Assassin / Audit (6*) (Sharks)
Substitutes: Vehicle (Terrier) - Jrahen (Spider) - Marge (Shark)

Lineup of Without Ease: Golden_Aim (6*) (Terrier) - i.d. / Megaman89 / Raples / Cyrus (Spiders) - Caos (Warbird, love that lag) - Menomena / Might (Sharks)
Substitutes: Pure_Luck (Terrier) - jr5 (Spider) - Valker (Shark)

Prediction: 15:00-11:32 ~ Kobra Kai wins with Paska MVPing (unless Humid camps the way to win).

Revenge vs. top5squad

Revenge won their first match (a close one) and top5squad lost their first match vs. a weaker opponent. I don't think top5squad has what it takes to beat Revenge and their players.

Lineup of Revenge: Burnt (Terrier) - Royst / Zung / Cripple / Singer (Spiders) - Necromotic (Javelin) - Dwopple / Jeenyuss (Sharks)
Substitutes: AcidBomber (Terrier) - Vys (Spider) - Hercules (Shark/Spider)

Lineup of top5squad: Zizzo (Terrier) - Poxy / McVicar / Scoop / Remu (Spiders) - (No idea who to special) - Olivier / Apocalypse WOW! (Sharks)
Substitutes: Oder (Terrier) - Nokkonen (Spider) - Zyclon (Shark)

Prediction: 15:00-6:23 ~ Revenge wins with Royst MVPing.

PUMA vs. Ruby

Shayde, shayde, shayde.. Too bad I won't be here this weekend so I can't play against you. This is going to be a tough match, PUMA has the better sharks and terrier, where as Ruby has a slight advantage in Spiders. Easily match of the week in TWDT-B in my opinion.

Lineup of PUMA: Zizu (Terrier) - Ro / Havu / Beastie (4*) / Sarger (Spiders) - Raspi (Lancaster) - PH / Stabwound (Sharks)
Substitutes: Gazo (Spider), the_paul (Shark)

Lineup of Ruby: Draft (Terrier) - Shayde / Stayon / Wheen / Suede (Spiders) - Dald (Javelin) OR Jethro Tull (Warbird) - a2m / Duel Pasta (Sharks)
Substitutes: -- too tired to think of substitutes.

Prediction: 15:00-13:43 ~ PUMA wins with Havu or Zizu MVPing.


TWDT-J Round 2 Winners: Kobra Kai, WOOT, Internet Predators, Revenge
TWDT-B Round 2 Winners: Internet Predators, Kobra Kai, Revenge, PUMA

That's all. Now I'll be off for a while and be back on Monday (or Sunday "night", 2AM).

06-27-2009, 07:09 AM
Turb hate you :(

06-27-2009, 07:24 AM
Turb hate you :(

SEE?! I love you, Nikke! :wub:

06-27-2009, 07:54 AM
SEE?! I love you, Nikke! :wub:

<3 Im top 5 jav!

06-27-2009, 03:20 PM
I'm not sure if D_R is allowed to play this week.

06-27-2009, 11:52 PM
cant play this week by the way sorry d_r