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Black Mage
02-21-2011, 02:34 PM
I was secretly hoping someone else would step up to do this, but the likely candidate (kthx) wasn't around yesterday as far as I can tell. So despite me hosting 3 games and thus only getting to watch 3 of the 12 games, I'll break down the box scores and try to get some inside information from people who saw the games.



First up was Pum Pum Crew (captained by I.D.) against Audrey and her Ass (Renzi). Kid Kaos (12-5) led a fairly balanced attack for PPC who overwhelmed their opponents (50-36). His partners in crime were Cres (10-6), Skepsis, and beam (both 11-9). Renzi (11-10) saved face for himself by being the only WB on the Ass to go positive.

I actually watched the next game, although not very closely because I'm still fairly new to this hosting thing and 10,000,000 people PM me during a given match. Ruby (captained once again by Draft) defeated Candy King (captained this year by Lizard Fuel) in a match that was close for a while but Ruby took control of as the game went on (50-39). Lizard Fuel could not make this match, so nokkonen took over the adding responsibilities. They had 3 of the players that I thought of as their starters in, so decent attendance (but the missing birds, sika and burnt, were important ones). Apok deserves credit in the loss for playing and eventually running well (11-9). Jaa actually called Ruby's lineup pretty accurately as to who would "actually show", and Props (13-9) provided the surprise carry. Mythril turned around his negative rec (4-5 to 9-6), and the rest of the squad were all +1 or +2 positive.

The biggest blowout of the week (50-34) occurred between The Jonah Takaluas (Violence) and the Propane Nightmares (Spikey). Violence made an interesting decision to bench Vys for WB and instead play him in jav/base. Knowing Vys a bit, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it was actually he who demanded it. But either way, I'm sure Riverside was pleased and his team rolled nonetheless. Infrared (11-4), who was rated a 6 in WB, dominated his off-league with the help of Engineers (10-5), Guero (11-7), and Keith (12-9). Whinegum (11-10) was the only positive member of the Nightmares.

Surprisingly, the closest game of the week featured the supposed favorites against javs and Chuckle. Top5Squad (Jaa) did prevail (50-42) against PZ AAT (Zidane), but it was surprisingly close. (And yes Turban, I know you don't consider yourself to be a jav. That didn't fit in my narrative). Ease (18-9) played like a number 1 pick should. Unabled (13-10) started out HOT and then choked for 8 more deaths. The mysterious JackIntheBox (10-7) also contributed greatly in the win. Not even Jaa knows who this guy is. Chuckle (11-10) came off his hiatus and was the only person positive for PZ AAT.

HOT Player of the Week: Ease (18-9) - Only player to get more than 18 kills.
Honorable Mentions: Props (13-9), Infrared (11-4), Engineers (10-5), Vida (12-5)


I don't think the Propane Nightmares really expected to win many dueling games this season. That said, I don't think they want to get killed every game either. They need a few more of their better warbirds (Caos, Lofty, Max Payne) to show up and contribute. Spikey didn't help his own cause with his performance though (5-10). Speaking of PZ AAT, where your WBs at!!??! None of Kyou, High Templar, Burg, Paky Dude or Yakuza showed up. That's pathetic and hopefully an aberration, because that plus a decent 6* would be a very good lineup. In their win, B4sERmaN36_X (3-7) and Raspi (6-9) struggled for Top5Squad and did worse than anyone on PZ AAT, but their team still won by 8. Similarly, Riverside (6-9) also had a poor record when the rest of his team was very positive. I didn't see the game, so maybe he was teaming up a storm and setting up kills for his teammates. For Audrey's Ass, Scoop was their 2nd round pick and rated 8* in WB. He did not play up to that standard (4-10). The last player to talk about is Shadowmere (5-10), who isn't a very good warbird usually (but was positive in his last 2 TWDT matches), and suffered a bit of a statistical correction in Candy King's loss.

NOT Player of the Week: Scoop (4-10)- Worst score of the week from a player expected to do better.
Dishonorable Mentions: Shadowmere (5-10), Spikey (5-10), B4sERmaN36_X (3-7)

Black Mage
02-21-2011, 02:35 PM


Audrey's Ass made up for it's disappointing play in dueling by absolutely crushing (50-34) Candy King. Kim (13-6) showed why he was rated so highly. Versa (10-5) almost got traded, but I'm sure Renzi is happy about his performance yesterday. Necromotic (12-9) also played well in the win for The Full Mooners. Weak (6-4) was a lone bright spot with his nice sub for Candy King.

I.D. had one of the steals in Free Agency when she grabbed Marge for only 15* overall. Marge was rated a 9* last year in jav, and I.D. gets to play him as a 6* this year in javelin. Other cap fails. Marge (13-9) was a big reason why Pum Pum Crew opened the javelin season with a win (50-37) against PZ AAT. The best score of the round belonged to Stayon (14-8), who played like a first-round pick in the win. Hypocrit (11-10) and Sludge (10-10) managed to maintain even records despite the rather lopsided score against them.

In Top5Squad's annual quest to lose as many javs games as possible, they got off to a good start with a sound beatdown (50-28) at the hands of The Jonah Takaluas. Infrared followed up his big dueling game with a monster javelin game (14-2). EvilDeed (13-8), Vys (10-7), Struck (9-6) also contributed in the easy win. No one really played well for Top5Squad.

I hosted a battle of two of the better javelin squads this year in the match between Ruby and Propane Nightmares. Ruby started out hot and 24 (14-10) was controlling the game. Then b. rabbit took the mic and took over (22-8). He was just in the zone. Credit also Jamal (4-3) for playing great in his sub, because the game changed around the time he was subbed in. Maketso (7-5) didn't get many kills, but he was involved in a lot of action, yet maintained low deaths and teamed well for the Propane Nightmares.

HOT Player of the Week: Bender Rodriguez (22-8)- No brainer. Destroyed a pretty good team.
Honorable Mentions: Infrared (14-2), 24 (14-10), Stayon (14-8), Kim (13-6)


Mythril and Haunt combined for a 1-10, which pretty much shut the door on the chances of Ruby. They are going to be seeing b. rabbit in their (Propane) nightmares for the next few nights. Megaman89 (5-10) didn't live up to his 56* hype or standards in that game either. The rest of his squad besides 24 choked pretty badly as it is. On the other side of the coin, it took a heroic effort to make up for M_M God's (0-6) terrible start to the game. The whole Top5Squad javelin roster probably should be on the list, especially Steak666 and Havok for not showing up, and Singer (1-5) because I think he boasted on chat that he's the most underrated jav in TW. Dutch_ (2-10) was obviously outclassed in this game for PZ AAT. Zidane (5-10) was not outclassed, but he certainly didn't lead by example or play to the best of his ability. Shadowmere (4-10) didn't have a great day in either league yesterday, as he struggled in Candy King's loss to Audrey's Ass. First round pick Domi (6-9) will probably be expected to score a few more kills in the future, despite the team winning.

NOT Player of the Week: Mythril (1-7)- Didn't get it done and his team lost a game they should have won. Stick to WB.
Dishonorable Mentions: M_M God (0-6), Top5Javelin, Dutch_

Black Mage
02-21-2011, 02:36 PM


The first match to cover this week was between Propane Nightmares and Top5Squad, which featured two decent basing lines in action. Propane, though, proved to be too much for Top5, winning fairly easily (15:00-6:41). I thought Top5Spiders were pretty good (Shayde, Turmio, Ease, Raspi/Kian), but they were blown away by Propane's line (Trasher, Jamal, M_M God, Bender Rodriguez). The real difference was in the sharks, where the Tabarsmasher was too much for Top5Squad (Pardon helped too). Top5Squad will be in plenty of games because of Cintra, although maketso is not too shabby himself for the Nightmares. Finally, Spikey used that Euro lag to put up a decent rec but even more importantly 6 TeKs. Trasher (86-35) put up a pretty sweet rec and was the MVP.

Most of the games were pretty close this week, but the closest game of the week was pulled out (15:00-14:48) by Pum Pum Crew over The Jonah Takaluas. For Pum Pum Crew, Saetep (111-53) in spider had a game-high number of kills and the best ratio of the fighting ships for either team, while Stayon (100-62) scored 5 TeKs and was named MVP in special ship. From talking to burzum, he said the sharks appeared pretty even on both sides. This was a good win for Pum Pum Crew without Tim, TJ Hazuki, or Sarger. This game came down to the wire, and Pum Pum just had what it takes at the end to hold onto the flag.

Another very close game this week took place between Ruby and Audrey's Ass. Ruby played 11 different people (including accidentally adding me instead of Blahhy.), and led most of the way before barely edging out (15:00-14:27) Audrey's Ass. Megaman89 (93-65) had 8 TeKs for Ruby in special, while Children (126-87) took home the MVP and high kills honor in spider. Pavement (to the screaming adoration of Jerome), put up an even better ratio than Children with nearly as many kills (120-72). Dsin (110-79) and Domi (107-66) put up good numbers for Audrey's Ass. I watched this game, and have no idea who Draft had in at most times and in most ships, so no idea how to HOT or NOT any of them. Let's just go ahead and say that a2m and Cig Smoke paved the way for victory for Ruby.

The last game of the week to go over for me is Candy King vs. PZ AAT. Candy King won fairly easily (15:00-10:55), but not in a blowout. Sika (63-20) showed up and posted a 3:1 ratio, not bad. However, nokkonen (93-47) scored the game-high for kills and earned the MVP. I'm not sure exactly which ship he was in (I'm assuming special), but Zazu (68-50) scored 7 TeKs in the win. Eelam (91-68, 4 TeKs) put up respectable numbers in spider in the loss, but he was alone on that front. Ph (44-78), like usual, put up ridiculous kill numbers in shark, and his TKs weren't too bad either.

HOT Player of the Week: Trasher/Spikey/JAMAL/Bender Rodriguez/M_M God- Just tore up Top5Squad with some nice stats and exposed their shark weakness.
Honorable Mention: nokkonen, Children, a2m/ciggy, Saetep


For Top5Squad, El_Mariachi and Zyclon just couldn't get it done in their game against Propane Nightmares. Jaa will probably be looking at the free agent market and in a trade for a replacement shark. Turban (46-63) did not fare very well in his match either. Whenever your TKs are near 25% of your actual kills, you have a problem. Especially when you have a 0.73 K/D to go along with it. Speaking of poor play by a base jav, we come to Vys. Ouch. The entire Jonah Takaluas team had trouble with TKs, but putting up that bad a rec in comparison to everyone else on your roster is bad and you deserved that sub. I've gotta include Blahhy. in here for going 0-20, even if his team won and it doesn't really impact anything. Bouncing bullets always rape me, so I'd think you could manage at least one kill. Renzi blamed his sharks for his squad's loss yesterday, and promptly dropped Reab. So let's go ahead and assume that Reab and hulk struggled a bit, although I can't really see it from the stats.

NOT Player of the Week: Vys (41-50)- For playing such a crappy game in such a tight contest. Definitely the difference in the match.
Dishonorable Mention: El_Mariachi/Zyclon, Turban, Reab/Hulk

Crescent Seal
02-21-2011, 03:59 PM
good read


02-21-2011, 08:30 PM
good read



Someone draft me so I can actually become interested this :(

Black Mage
02-21-2011, 09:12 PM
Finally done. If you see any errors (especially regarding basing...tough to tell what ships people play in when not actually watching the game), let me know and I'll make corrections.

02-21-2011, 09:25 PM
Good read, wish I could have made it, something happened two weeks sooner than it was supposed to though.

02-21-2011, 09:41 PM
However, nokkonen (93-47) scored the game-high for kills and earned the MVP. I'm not sure exactly which ship he was in (I'm assuming special), but Zazu (68-50) scored 7 TeKs in the win.zazu was our special

Ph (44-78), like usual, put up ridiculous kill numbers in shark, and his TKs weren't too bad either.i'm the boss

Speaking of poor play by a base jav, we come to Vys. Ouch. The entire Jonah Takaluas team had trouble with TKs, but putting up that bad a rec in comparison to everyone else on your roster is bad and you deserved that sub.

NOT Player of the Week: Vys (41-50)- For playing such a crappy game in such a tight contest. Definitely the difference in the match.
I don't see any good specials here, and let's face it, we all know that at the end of the day vys is going to bitch and whine his way into a special ship, suck horribly and blame everyone else for it.sup cancer

Kid Kaos
02-21-2011, 10:37 PM
PPC worst rated in all 3 leagues starts season 3-0. Thats whats up! :greedy:

02-22-2011, 01:33 AM

Versa (10-5) almost got traded

WHAT? renzi? =(

02-22-2011, 03:07 AM
BM how you gonna hurt my feelings like this :(

Omega Red
02-22-2011, 03:26 AM
great read, look forward to more