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Black Mage
03-08-2011, 09:18 PM
As we get down to the last "week" and a half of TWDT (Sunday is the last day of the regular season), I want to remind caps about playoff qualification and format.

The standings are posted on the TWDT site if you haven't seen them. TWDT playoffs are determined by most overall wins. Ties are broken using an individual league +/- score comparison (basing uses fractional minutes), and the team that wins at least 2/3 of the league comparisons gets the higher seed/playoff spot. Currently PZ AAT is 2 games back from Pum Pum Crew for the last spot in the playoffs with 5 games left to be played.

After the teams are selected, the leagues will be arranged into separate playoff ladders. They are independent ladders, so you can lose in one league but still advance in others. The top 2 teams will receive byes (and at this point it seems very likely that it will be Ruby and Candy King in some order) in all of the playoff brackets. There will be champions crowned in each of the individual leagues as well as an overall champion for the team with the best finishes.

Playoffs will be ONLY on Sundays. We shaved 3 weeks off the season length by playing during the week, but the playoffs will be played when the most number of people are available. Last year, the playoffs were best of 3 for all rounds (and first to 20 for basing). I think this will happen again, but just have to double check a few things (I will update this thread and let the caps know the result). The playoffs will continue to rotate: The first week of playoffs (3/20) will be JAV 2PM, BASE 3PM, and WB 4PM (or the next :30 block if the previous round goes to 3 rounds, which will subsequently push back the times a bit), and the next week will be base, wb, jav, and the finals will be wb, jav, base in the previously given flexible timeslots.

The 3-league rule and 6* requirement will be lifted once again in the playoffs. May the best team win!

Lizard Fuel
03-08-2011, 10:06 PM
Just to make sure I'm clear on this, despite the fact that my team is not strong in javs we will have a bye in javs just due to our overall score?

Black Mage
03-08-2011, 10:23 PM
Correct. All the playoff ladders will start out the same, and then after the first week they will diverge.

Black Mage
03-13-2011, 10:24 AM
Remember, tiebreakers are won by the team with higher +/-'s in 2 out of 3 league.

WB PZ AAT Ruby PPCrew Candy K Audrey Jonah T Top5 Propane
Week 7
Total -71 62 1 60 -79 39 35 -47

JAV PZ AAT Ruby PPCrew Candy K Audrey Jonah T Top5 Propane
Week 7
Total 2 -2 -46 22 -15 28 -33 44

BASE PZ AAT Ruby PPCrew Candy K Audrey Jonah T Top5 Propane
Week 7
Total -20.75 14 4.92 13.33 -36 -10.25 1.42 33.33

Black Mage
03-13-2011, 11:04 AM
Magic Numbers are how many games a given team needs to win to make the playoffs. The games that the other team trying to catch them lose also subtract from the number.

Top5Squad magic number 2:
Pum Pum Crew magic number: 2

Top5Squad currently owns the tiebreaker with Pum Pum Crew, but it is not out of reach for PPC.

PZ AAT plays 3 teams with negative +/-'s in their games today, so don't count them out yet either.

Candy King has clinched one of the top 2 seeds and a bye.
Ruby's bye magic number: 1
Currently Ruby would win a tiebreaker between themselves and Candy King, but they are a game behind in the standings for the #1 seed. However, it is very close and very likely one or more of the tiebreakers will swing after today.

Propane Nightmares/Jonah Takaluas tiebreaker (if necessary) will come down to jav +/- today.