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Jerome Scuggs
10-26-2011, 10:06 AM
TWDT is all about finding talent and player improvement, so I thought I'd share my thoughts about the team I know best and its pre-season expectations and post-season analysis.


To shed some light on why my team was so heavily stacked in base, you gotta look at the captain. Prior to the season starting, I was obviously a cap looking to win base - it's the only league I know. My plan was to draft a good, solid basing line - and use the multi-leaguers to build a jav and wb line with maybe a dueler or two thrown in. The week of the draft I joined Mute, met real duelers, and realized TWDT-D and TWDT-J wereg going to be hell.

Above all, my aim was to avoid drafting ego's and pick up the players who enjoy the game and had fun. Nobody really went emo, people respected my lineup choices, and my players were all civil towards eachother despite there being some outside beef. The exceptions here were the EG'rs, who all seemed to have something to prove :P


Antidote - 1 star - I picked this guy up as a potential breakout EG player. Inactive. I got what i paid for.
Bacon - 4 stars - this guy was at once over AND undervalued. when he was on a roll he could beast, but then he could turn around and have a mediocre or even bad game. But he was active, a useful mutli-leaguer, and showed that his rating wasn't a fluke. I could see him being a 5-star by next season.
Brookus - 3 stars - I think this guy deserves 4 or 5 stars. People often leave brookus out of their Top Current Terrier lists, but I think most of my success in TWDT-B was born on the back of this guy. He showed for every game and played perfectly. People criticize him for being too defensive, but in a league like TWDT where people might try to hero, brookus was always ready to prevent our ballsy jav from TKing the whole team, and when confronted with a seemingly no-win situation, he could pull moves out of his ass that, 40% of the time, also resulted in a TD. This TWDT reminded me of why Brookus has consistently been my favorite terrier.
bugyswartz - 3 stars - A late recruit, I wish I had drafted this guy day 1. Less than perfect activity, but he beasted the few rounds he was able to make, and with a good team he would have been a part of a potential playoff TWDT-J squad. As more of a single-leaguer I guess his 3 stars are a sufficient rating, but I say he's undervalued.
Chance - 3 stars - Late recruit, once again too late to save my tough chances in Javs. A team player, but not enough performance to merit a judgement, skill-wise.
Chief Utsav - 3 stars - kesser told me to pick up Chief as my starting terrier. guy didn't show 1 game.
Coroner - 3 stars - A late recruit I shoulda picked day 1. Played maybe 1 game with us - but it was a good game. He knows his way around a wb and will most likely only get better.
Cripple - 5 stars - Semi-active, but he showed throughout the season and had great games consistently. Perhaps a little over-rated as a true multi-leaguer, but when it counted he pulled through.
Desktop - 2 stars - a true sleeper pick, for 2 stars I got far more than I paid for. Active and great warbird.
Executed - 3 stars - another too-late-to-help recruit. Multi-leaguer, maybe overvalued but I'd watch him as a dueler for next season.
jerome - 2 stars - the only 10-star player in trench wars
Mattey - 6 stars - my most valued player, the only games we lost in base were the 2 games mattey missed. I hate to give him credit, but he was a key player. I never got to truly deploy his multi-league talents, but he did play a few -D games, but regardless he earned that 6 stars on basing skill alone.
Max B - 3 stars - the unsung shark partner. Showed almost every single game, played 100% consistently, always kept a level head, a great player and person. Undervalued.
Mobey - 3 stars - A 3-star player but a 9-star host :)
Moot - 4 stars - PH could have told me he had quit the game sooner than he eventually wound up telling me - I could have traded his inactive ass away for a few duelers early in the season, alot of people wanted him. But I wanted PH to be part of a dominant basing team and how did he repay me? Well with sex, but what I wanted was the championship. I hate you PH!!!!!!!!
Nethila - 3 stars - A 'pocketknife player', useful in multiple ships, but I never got to play Neth as much as I would have liked to.
OCB - 1 star - inactive EG recruit
Paralyze - 3 stars - A solid multi-leaguer and IRL friend. Highly undervalued, worth at least 4 or 5 in terms of skill. You could put him in a wb, jav or spid and expect him to possibly MVP.
Pavement - 4 stars - My bro, he's shown why he earned those 4 stars even though he missed a few games due to lag and driving back to Shreveport to the weekends. He also takes credit for the 2 jav matches we won; he captain'd when I had class.
Pitboss - 2 stars - He's a decent multi-leaguer, but I overestimated how under-valued he was. Worth the 2 stars, and by next season he should be worth at least 3 or 4, but he's not there yet.
Poxy - 4 stars - my favorite "pocketknife player", I could throw this guy in virtually any ship in any league and expect a solid, consistent performance - even if it wasn't MVP-worthy, his teaming and consistency made him formidable across the board.
Reckful - 2 stars - undervalued. I highly underestimated him in spider, and when I gave him the chance he MVP'd and earned himself a starter spot in base. worth at least 3 stars.
Resurrected - 3 stars - picked this guy up in later weeks, good 3-star warbird. I expect this guy to be hot by next season, wish I could have used him more.
Ricko - 3 stars - worth every star and then some - Ricko is a talented multi-leaguer and came through for a critical win at least once in all 3 leagues.
Schope Norris - 3 stars - Undervalued. I didn't expect Schope to be as active or as useful as he turned out to be. Decent multi-leaguer, excellent multu-use baser.
shock - 2 stars - this is a guy I wish i could have used more, and not doing so definitely cost me. I wouldn't say he's undervalued, but I see a shitload of potential in this guy as a shark, as a warbird, and as a spider.
slum - 4 stars - this guy was active and then gave up halfway through the season. Overvalued. decent wb, above-average jav but he acted like our chances revolved around him.
SpookedOne - 1 star - thankfully brookus never missed a game, but if he did, SpookedOne would have been the guy to carry our team. He has a similarly defensive playing style. As one of the true-new guys, I'd say he's earned at least another star or so.
Straitjacket - 2 stars - HIGHLY undervalued. Straitjacket wound up being a consistent starter in dueling, javs, and basing. He's talented, he's modest, he puts the team before himself and delivers solid performances. This guy is coming along in the vein of Trasher - a DSB'r turned beast TW multi-leaguer
Trasher - 5 stars - HIGHLY UNDERVALUED. trasher played almost every single round and every single game this season. My first pick of the draft, he showed why I wanted him over others like megaman89. He dominated the field, was a team player, and was absolutely critical in the dominance of Boner Soup's basing line. This guy's not being in the finals of all 3 leagues is in no way due to lack of effort on his part.
Vaped - 2 stars - I don't think I got to play vaped a single game. As a shark, he was always being considered after players like Mattey, Max B, wbm, and pox... but expect him to return next season as a 3-star player, if his ?go base, TWD, and pub efforts are any indiciation.
wbm - 4 stars - along with poxy, wbm was a critical "pocketknife player" who could fill any gap in any division. And that he did!


WB/Javs - Terrible. Disaster. Us winning 2 games per division was the result of my team going above and beyond despite my complete failure to secure a consistent, active line. I tried picking up a few lates like Coroner, Bugyswartz, Chance, resurrected... but it was too little, too late.

However - special thanks to the good warbirds of Penetrate - almost every week featured performances by Bacon, Trasher, Desktop, and Ricko. You guys prevented what could have easily been a shutout disaster. All-in-all, I could most likely return to TWDT with the same wb's and javs plus 3-4 pure duelers and have a serious shot at playoffs. It was the lack of a solid WB or Jav leader to build a team around which killed me.

The 4 total wins in wb/javs were enough to propel me into playoffs, and I thank by duelers for that. It was all them, fighting odds that I had stacked heavily against myself and them.


Base: a disappointing end for a squad that really was set to win it all. Brookus, Max & Mattey, and Trasher were a solid terr/shark/special core, and then on top of that I had some of the most dominant spids to choose from - very game involved the painful process of choosing just which kick-ass spider line to deploy. Cripple, straitjacket, paralyze, pavement, bacon, poxy, wbm, reckful, hacking, selena, schope, and ricko were all awesome greenships.


Brookus, for showing that skill still overcomes lag on any given day.
Trasher - Obvious MVP.
Mattey - because without you, we lost.
Pavement - for comandeering the 2 TWDT-J victories that earned us playoffs.

And, ultimately, All of Boner Soup. My team played as a team, rarely (if at all) fought, and took everything in stride. I spent almost no effort in keeping my team informed about games - they all showed up, on their own initiative. If it was possible, I would take this group and start a TWD squad - and it would kick ass.

Mattey - I think everyone can agree playoffs would have ended differently had Mattey not disappeared before I could sub him in.
Slum - The ratio of grief I got from this guy versus the amount of talent shown was almost offensive.
Jerome - I can think of at least 5 matches across all 3 leagues where a decisive switch or substitute could have secured us victory, but I failed to act. And that's all on me.


it was fun and i might even consider capping again next season, if there is one. i hope this write-up will serve as a guide when considering ratings for players next year, as well as potential draftee's.

10-26-2011, 06:40 PM
i was active but couldnt show to +-3 games. last week i showed up to play but i was sick thats why i didnt ask you to get in. I think i should have played more tough, i think i should have a spot on a top 4 spid there.

w/e ty for picking me. its allways fun to be on a team with you

sorry for not showing for lj, could have helped there.

10-26-2011, 07:46 PM
great write-up for your squad, interesting to get an analysis of your DT choices! mattey and trasher great multi-league selections, and max b, brookus and straitjacket are fantastic pick-ups for their undervalued star cost.

i wouldn't pick mattey before the 5th round solely on the basis of his daytime lag, though. it always surfaces at the worst of times (like it did in the semi's).

10-26-2011, 09:33 PM
Someone likes twdt a little too much

10-26-2011, 11:41 PM
i wasn't as nice as you when i did it :(

24 - decent, will pick you next season if i feel like (C)'ing
Anidalife - glad i got rid of that riverside pos for you anida $
Apok - fgt can't even win wbs for me
Cape - lol..
Celly - useless, waste of 12 *
Chance - ?
Chao. - useless, waste of 13 *
Curse - u were iight
Dwopple - thank me later
Evildeed - yea show up to semis and take finals off, stupid
Expert - wt.. who da fuk are u i dont even remember even drafting u, waste of 12 *
f.p. - nice, one of my better pickups
High Templar - playoff choke artist
JAMAL - i'm glad i picked you 1st
not in game - way to sub in, 5 seconds later, catch the 3fer that ease shot, STUPID (jk u still good)
Paradise - 6-10 less
Peru - fuk off, never picking u again
Project Dragon - love you
RacKa - same with apok
Raples - $$$
Regen - 1 good game
Rucci - you're euro, but still pretty good
Scoop - didnt own enough, wasn't worth 46 * afk
Seismic - choke less
smurf - you played 1 game and went inactive, wow?
Solacer - second best waiver pickup for me
Solare - i drafted you when i was high and thought youre name was Solace..
Spezza - you owe me big time
Sphinx - bet no one knew you were panama
Tj Hazuki - you did your part, thanks for support

Black Mage
10-28-2011, 04:42 PM
Great write-up. Disappointing end for your squad's season, but you guys played some good games.

10-28-2011, 05:48 PM
shouldda drafted me homey :P

10-29-2011, 08:19 AM
100+ waivers. I find that excessive. Draft is suppose to let people try out what league is like, but don't give the opportunity to people to get in draft.

10-29-2011, 04:44 PM
100+ waivers. I find that excessive. Draft is suppose to let people try out what league is like, but don't give the opportunity to people to get in draft.

could maybe get two waiver teams next year? where waivers are entire roster, wouldnt be a problem bc if ur that good you should get drafted/picked up, and will never go over star limit in games. or just form real teams after the draft from those who were IN draft and NOT selected (not future waivers who come in post-draft), make like 2 extra teams of people who WANT to play and will be active.

just a thought.

10-30-2011, 05:06 AM
You'd still need a cap to organize things