View Full Version : ladder revamp

04-18-2012, 10:47 AM
have you guys ever considered changing the ladder to stimulate more play up top of the ladder

yahoo type ladder systems that work off rung instead of rating make for much better pvp action.

by rung you have to defend your rung with x amount of duels within x time and x rank to defend your rung or else you lose 1 rung.

also in rung matches the risk/reward change so if rung 1 loses to rung 100 rung 1 only loses 1 rung and goes to second rung. rung 100 goes halfway to the rung it defeated and would be rung 50

if you beat x amount of rungs below you then you can progress a rung except in top ten it all changes and you have to play a rung 2-20 at least once every 24-48 hours

in yahoo was top 100 but can adjust here to top 30-40 that only 2 games per 24 hours count vs anyone they play so they cant just drag someone up the ladder

i dunno i think its a really fun system that would up the competition because risk vs reward now is harsh with rating you could lose a boat load of rungs in one match if you're up top and it takes a ton of matches because the rating is so small