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06-30-2013, 06:03 PM
TWDT 2013 -- WEEK 2 -- RECAP



Terrorist vs. Thunder

Ease's basing woes continued as the Thunder got terrorized by Dreamwin's squad, with Zazerick (37-3) dazzling spectators with a resounding terrier performance, getting solid coverage from Mhz (3.1 RPD) and Willby (2.8 RPD) in shark, all three of them notching 1 tek apiece.

Terrorist had 5-star All-Star HUR lead them with a stellar 80-43, followed by John Juan (77-32), maketso (68-40), as well as Major Crisis (bot doesn't list score) and possibly Yojimbo.

For Thunder, Ease (81-51) valiantly led his depleted spider-core with Sarger lagging out early, with TheWadoRooster (73-44), M_M God (71-49) and Magnetic (71-56) doing a nice job keeping pace, but a poor performance from Edin Dzeko (50-48) and mcvicar (2.9 RPD) not having partner DOWNFALL in were huge pitfalls, forcing Wiibimbo (2.5 RPD) into action, behind a serviceable Best (33-9).

A surprising upset, but kudos to Terrorist for making the most of the opportunity and seizing it.

MVP: Zazerick


Baratheon vs. Kamikaze

A rematch of a hotly contested preseason game where Baratheon narrowly edged Kamikaze 15-12 with strong lines in, the rotating schedule seemed to catch the Kamikaze's off-guard, with most of their basers MIA, leading to another resounding victory for the one true king of Westeros.

Mikkiz (18-0, 4 teks) followed up his ace last week with an ace this week, meaning he has yet to die this TWDT-B season (don't do any guest-starring on Game of Thrones plz!), as cranium (2.8 RPD) and NL>Trigger (3.0 RPD, 2 teks) did a great job protecting him.

Rasaq (79-29, 3 teks) continued to prove his 5-star status in base a blunder, as he steamrolled through the opposition, with Mean Gene (66-19), gilder (59-21) and Shaddowknight (52-26) in tow.

Tiny (15-10) had a nice start in terr but couldnt do much, despite a great effort from a2m (2.8 RPD) in shark to push the pace, alongside Rab (2.6 RPD).

godZERO (57-35), skatarius (46-33), vue (40-24) and delectable (36-58) couldn't crack the Mikkiz puzzle in spider.

MVP: Rasaq


team hilk won a forfeit over Vagina (not that they would know what a vagina looked like even if it did show up), as it seems the rotating schedule, despite being announced in-game and on forums, listed on site, and having been in place forever in TWDT, still caught a few teams off-guard since the Preseason maintained a static schedule.


dun vs me also won a forfeit over Power. Remember, folks, WEEK 3 times are:




dun vs me vs. Team Hilk

the dunvsmeans did to Team Hilk what the Colonists did to the Indians, blanketing them with bullets and/or smallpox, it's hard to tell given the level of decimation that went on in this game.

kid kaos (16-8) went absolutely ham in this game, with Racka (11-5) and Weak (11-2) adding to the chaos, followed by beneficiary-of-not-splitting-brothers-and-sisters-apart-during-draft/adoption Amputate (8-6), who rejoins Rough in one of the most lopsided trades since the California Golden Seals traded away Guy LaFleur. Also, 24 (4-4).

Team Hilk saw terrible performances from everyone except Ricko (8-10) who almost achieved parity, as BIET, humid, infrared, and Zizzo struggled against a strong WB line.

MVP: Kid Kaos


Terrorist vs. Vagina

A fairly close match, as maketso (17-8) continued to dominate TWDTD with another stellar performance, with Major Crisis chipping in 12, and palatable 1:1-ish performances from flared (8-7), Burnt (6-8) and Attacks (7-10).

LF (14-10) put up big numbers for the Vaginamen, with team captain Kate Upton (10-10) and Geisha (9-8) keeping afloat, but sub-par performances from Paradise (4-10) and zeebu (6-10) bogged them down.

MVP: maketso


Thunder vs. Baratheon

Tryhard Ease (13-3), raging over imagined random damage in his basing loss (despite KATC confirming it wasn't) left Stannis's team in shambles as he displaced his anger onto them, as him and Best (14-9) lead a ragtag team of Obi (9-6), Mcvicar (8-6) and 420 (6-6) to a decisive victory.

Lockdown (9-10) and Demonic (9-10) did their best to stave off the onslaught, as Rasaq (4-10) put on his first sub-14 kill game of the season and Geio (5-10) couldn't get going, while GTL/cranium struggled in the 5-spot.

They'll lock horns (lips?) with Vagina next week, with their best chance to notch a first win in WB after struggling in WEEK 1 and 2.

MVP: Ease


POWER vs Kamikaze

The dynamic duo of bon (14-6) and huge bon fan, Mythril (14-5), led Power to a sizzling victory over Kami, as Melody dropped a 10-10 behind mediocre performances from beam (5-6) and Casket (7-8).

Excellent late FA pickup Jack (14-10) paid instant dividends, but delectable, a2m, tripin and vue all negged, leaving Jack alone to tackle the Giant, as Power finally lived up to its much-vaunted warbird potential.

When asked to comment about his best friends/future bandmate's return to form, Mythril said he was "Bon Jovial".

MVP: Mythril/bon



Baratheon vs. Terrorist

An exciting and tense match which remained close the majority of the way, Welt (16-9) came up huge in first first TWDT appearance this season, leading a great team effort from Mikkiz (11-9), cranium (9-9), Mean Gene (8-9) and Demonic (5-8), who knocked out two players on 9 around the 42-40 mark, clinching the win for House Baratheon.

flared (11-10) started out on fire with a blistering 7-1, but couldn't keep the pace up, despite solid performances all-around from Burnt (10-10) who did a great job staying alive on 9 forever, Maketso (10-10), mad jack (7-10) and Major Crisis (6-10).

MVP: Welt


Team Hilk vs. POWER

Team Hilk made up for getting crushed in WB by notching a win over Power's near jav-less roster, as infrared (13-7) and Zizzo (12-6) led the Hilkers, with solid performances from BIET (9-9) and humid (9-8), with renzi (6-10) bringing up the rear.

Mythril (15-10) was huge in jav, his 3rd best league, scorching the opposition left and right, but mediocre outings from Zidane (8-10) and torcher (8-10) didn't help, and bad play from Shayde (4-10) and 25/Casket (4-10 combined) sealed the deal.

MVP: infrared/zizzo


Kamikaze vs Vagina

The Kamikazians slipped by the Vaginamen with even-keeled play from Murder (11-10), Evildeed (10-8), Compelled (10-9), Tiny (10-9) and a2m (6-10).

Paradise (10-10) and yawn (10-10) grinded it out for Vagina, with Schope (8-10) and zeebu (8-10) not far behind, however Children (9-10)'s 2 TKs probably cost them the game as his carelessness helped Kami's 47 kills hit 50 for the win.

Children continues to sabotage his team from within, troll-subbing Paradise out despite a positive score Week 1 and TKing his squad into the ground in Week 2.

You're a cancer.

MVP: Evildeed


dun vs me vs. Thunder

It was dun vs me's turn to completed the 3-0 Trifecta this week, as Hulk's tryhard javline trucked past Ease's Thunder.

24 (17-7) went ballistic, as Amputate (11-7) could barely keep up, although his lifelong mission of carrying Rough (5-10) continued unabated, with 5-star qpr (10-10) proving his worth and Kira (5-6) staying gingerly afloat.

Ease (10-10) couldn't will his team to victory like he did in warbird, while worthless troll Edin Dzeko (10-10) somehow managed a solid score, as Tsunami (9-10) also chipped in, but Best (6-10) and hermit (5-10) proving the difference, having sub-par showings.

If you listen closely, you can hear the faint echo of Ease mumbling about random damage while rummaging through your trash bin. Thanks, Obama!

MVP: 24



The dunvsmeans recorded the second 3-0 of the season (albeit with a helpful forfeit in basing vs the stronger POWER), as the Baratheons went 2-1 remaining unchallenged in base, Terrorist also notching a 2-1 with wins in WB and Jav, and with a forfeit-win in base Team Hilk improving to a 2-1 this week as well. Everyone else managed at least one win, except Vagina, who are the first squad to drop all 3 in a week this season, despite a strong start last week.


3-0 dunvsmeans
2-1 Baratheon
2-1 Terrorist
2-1 Team Hilk
1-2 Thunder
1-2 Power
1-2 Kamikaze
0-3 Vagina


4-2 Kamikaze
4-2 dun vs me
3-3 Baratheon
3-3 Thunder
3-3 Terrorist
3-3 Team Hilk
2-4 Power
2-4 Vagina

As you can see, it's too early to predict much as every team remains fairly close, with Kamikaze and dun vs me taking the early 1-game lead with perfect 3-0 weeks in Week 1 and Week 2 respectively, and squads like Power with very strong WB and Base lines likely to bounce back in the coming weeks.

BASER OF THE WEEK: Zazerick (37-3). Despite Mikkiz notching another ace, Zaz terr'd the tougher of the two matches and led his team to an upset win with an aggressive, low-death score. Kudos!
JAV OF THE WEEK: 24 (17-7). A tough choice between Welt and 24, both were fantastic.
WB OF THE WEEK: Maketso (17-8), with a stellar 17-kill game in a tight match, the jav/baser continues to impress across all three leagues.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Mikkiz, with an 18-0, 4 Tek ace in terr in TWDT-B, and a crucial 11-9 performance in TWDT-J (second only behind Welt) in a tight victory in Jav, the Finnish Flash went 2/2 in both games he played, giving his draft team a pair of much-needed wins. Hasn't died in base yet.

Crescent Seal
07-01-2013, 01:01 AM
should of capped a squad just to have a picture of me drawn

07-01-2013, 08:18 AM
Amputate (8-6), who rejoins Rough in one of the most lopsided trades since the California Golden Seals traded away Guy LaFleur.

Good write up, I just disagree with this. Both argueably the best in their main ship that still play today, both capable and better than average in other ships. Pretty fair imo. Again, good write up bro.

07-01-2013, 11:24 AM
Thanks, Tiny.
Well, a big part of Twdt is drafting not only good players, but people who show, are tryhards, and multi shippers.

Amputate will show 100% of games, Apok wont. Amp started in LJ and LD finals, and he can spider or Terr. He's way more active, and amp rough hulk 24 pretty much ends who will win Javs.

He's way more valuable in twdt, moreover Apok isn't happy about going from one of the best teams to one of the worst, and may simply not show; you could put amp on a team with four pylons he'd never miss a match.

It was a bad trade if you look past how good Apok is on paper in Jav WB.

07-01-2013, 11:56 AM
Hall of famer and 2 star warbird Jack Kiefer for runner up wb of the week! Back to his old form maybe?

07-01-2013, 12:08 PM
Claus, I will see what I can do regarding the stats on the bot. It may be better for you to view the score recap on the website instead. I tweaked it a little bit to be more accurate and it is all automatically updated right after the game is finished by the bot.

Score recaps under the schedule link

07-01-2013, 06:00 PM
Hey Kane,
Mmm yeah the bots/website been wonky for years with stats, especially in base. People/scores just disappear, and I can't watch the games like in TWL because my team playing at the same time, so I'm more reliant on those things.

Also, the STANDINGS are incorrect. The ones I've listed at the bottom of the Week 2 Recap are correct as I did manually (ie, Team Hilk listed with 4 wins on website and 2 in base, which is incorrect -- they have 3 wins and 1 in base).

It becomes annoying/confusing at the end of each DT year figuring out who made playoffs or how many games you need to win in final weeks when the site is incorrect.

Thanks for all the work you're putting into the site/league btw.

07-02-2013, 08:09 AM
Good point claus...getting apok to show might be tough.