07-19-2014, 03:01 PM
I am bringing forth a serious subject matter in regards to the issue of TWEL. I hope that in light of this thread, people will seriously reflect on what has been written and reconsider and challenge what they have known and accepted for a long time as the norm.

This league is a discrimination-based league. Only the top 32 are allowed in. This satisfies the 1% and leaves out the 99% - the overwhelming majority of the league's entrants. Only the elite are allowed the luxury to play in this league. But for your average wber and those who suffer from psychological and mental impairment we are at a disadvantage - a tremendous loss. We are stripped of our RIGHTS to qualify in this league. We are constantly being challenged to fight the odds; trying to crack into the 1% when the statistics are against us. We deserve every fucking right you fucking pricks to qualify in this league, which also includes taking on the top elites after the qualifiers. Instead, we are forced to go through a strenuous and statistically impossible challenge of breaking our glass ceiling as players and making it to 1%, ALL THE WHILE knocking out one of those 1%ers in the process.

This league discriminates against women who are faced with the phenomenon of the glass ceiling. Your average wber who is faced with the phenomenon of the glass ceiling. Your psychologically and mentally impaired wber who not only is at a disadvantage already but is also faced with the phenomenon of the glass ceiling.

There is no such thing as free will. Everything is pre-ordained. Everything is written. Do I have to suffer because my fate was sealed when I was created the way I was? Just with this simple truth provides the reason why I cant make top 32 and will never make top 32. The top 32 is limited to the best 32 brains in terms of how they interact with this game. This is using the human brain as a commodity. Taking the best 32 out of a sample of 300 humans brains and discarding the rest away as if our brains are garbage and not worth the time. We are not a commodity and you cannot treat us as such. You cannot meddle with human lives like that. It is the same as when in the movie 300, they killed the babies who are the weakest and kept the strongest. And why? Because of genetic lottery they are made to suffer?

Simply asking people to "get better" to qualify ignores the FACT that not all players can improve; and the fact that statistically speaking, the top 32 will never vary; it is fixed and there is no parity between the construct of this game and the mental prowess of an individual for everyone to flourish as equal players. We are not all given the same brains. We are slaves to the neurological constructs of our brains. It is not fair to hold me accountable for something I have no power over.

We demand equal rights. We demand to qualify. We demand that the top 32 to be expanded to all players. This is discrimination at the highest level. This is ethically and morally wrong. This is outrageous and I strongly condemn the structure of this league and demand immediate action or a serious response.

07-19-2014, 03:06 PM
You don't even have to get better. Just make friends with somebody who is better than you and sit afk on roster.

Women don't any special rights to get into TWL. They already have an advantage in this game. They nearly need to say they are a woman and instantly get the highest staff positions available at the time. Rest is tl;dr

07-19-2014, 03:15 PM
No you need to read the rest because I nailed my points in the last 3 paragraphs. All your points ignore the issue and have no substance. I advise you to read Paragraph 4,5 and 6.

Response to your reply:

Your first point: Ignores the issue of unfair limitations on competition. Also ignores the fact that not everyone is equal and not everyone can make it into this league. Also being friends with someone better than you implies you should cheat your way in - which makes the situation even worse.

Your second point: Women holding staff positions is irrelevant to this discussion. We are talking about women who are faced with a MENTAL GLASS CEILING in terms of not being able to make top 32 because they are mentally at a disadvantage with a man.

Crescent Seal
07-19-2014, 03:41 PM
All of your arguments are invalid because of 1 simple fact Gambler-chan:

Ore wa, Uchiha Madara

Crescent Seal
07-19-2014, 03:45 PM
But for your average wber and those who suffer from psychological and mental impairment we are at a disadvantage - a tremendous loss.

False. Most of these tryhard faggots in the top 32 are indeed suffering from some mental impairment. Otherwise kids like Lasenza would not average duel times of around 45 minutes.

07-19-2014, 03:50 PM
Sorry, but if you can't even qualify for any of the leagues at the current state of the zone you definitely don't deserve to participate in the tournament.

07-19-2014, 03:55 PM
Will feed you points for $10 paypal

Jerome Scuggs
07-19-2014, 04:03 PM
Props on taking the time to write this bullshit, but you're falling prey to several incorrect assumptions in your analysis.

But I won't get into that because either you're trolling or just really up your own ass.

We are constantly being challenged to fight the odds; trying to crack into the 1% when the statistics are against us.

Exactly. This is a competitive game. It's a challenge. If you don't like it you can totally play farmville. The beauty of humanity, the wonder of life, is specifically that we as a species continue to overcome odds that are stacked against us. Those who can't fall by the wayside.

Me? I'm a terrible subspace player. Probably the worst in the zone. And yet I have two medals to my name. Found a way to grab some glory without having to fire a shot. So not only are you looking at this situation the wrong way, but you're also looking at it the wrong way. Just think about that, cuz I did.

07-19-2014, 05:51 PM
With that mindset, everything in life is discriminatory, and you're probably right. But your thread is wrong.

You were allowed and able to participate in qualifying, as was everyone. Qualifying was essentially the regular season of TWEL. The top 32 bracket is the playoffs where the best competition during qualifying gets to play. In what sport/league does everybody make the playoffs? I looked into having a 64 person bracket but that would just make qualifying pointless and would also be a mess.

Also, 32 was far too high of a number for the last few seasons of TWEL. Spider league in particular was a joke and only maybe 4 people actually qualified to make any bracket. When I announced TWEL was returning I had comments like "lol, 32 people even play that league?" from multiple people. 278 people dueled in jav in the past month and a half. These are encouraging numbers and threads like these just show the gaining interest in 1v1 dueling leagues. Maybe we will raise the number in future seasons, but it won't happen this season.