View Full Version : TWEL-S Season 10 Champion: Sawyer

08-26-2014, 09:13 PM
Congratulations to Sawyer for winning Season 10 of TWEL-S! He outmatched myself in the finals 10-8 to take the $50 cash prize. The video will be posted soon by Claushouse. Big thanks to everyone who participated in qualifying and the playoffs this season and helping to make TWEL-S a success.

Some feel-good chat from his brother after the duel:

FatRolls> I feel proud of sawyer i introduced him to tw and i always knew he had it in him
FatRolls> he was about to quit tw.. when he robbed he got really depressed no one ever triked him like that in his life
Jessup> very cool gj sawyer
Sawyer> thx jessup

Send Sawyer a message or PM congratulating him for winning the championship!