View Full Version : Vote For Method - BIG TWEL/ZONE ANNOUNCEMENT

08-01-2016, 02:14 PM
Method has decided to donate $250 to TWEL Season 12. With my donation of $100 and Heaven matching, this has brought the pot to a total of $450, with a possibility of $50 extra if someone wins multiple leagues. Method offered up MUCH MORE (like, multiply $250 more than a few times), but there's no way I could take that much. I don't want to set a precedent that can't ever be reached again on this game and to be honest, this league doesn't deserve that level of generosity. But with more cash on the table, I feel it's only fair to spread it out to 3rd place players as well.

The new totals:

TWEL-D: 1st - $125 2nd - $40 3rd $10
TWEL-J: 1st - $125 2nd - $40 3rd $10
TWEL-S: 1st - $75 2nd - $20 3rd $5

Plus an additional $50 for winning more than 1 league.

In case anyone needs reminding, Method is one of the founding fathers on this game. When the game was still reaching its pinnacle, introducing TWD and entirely new bots/websites/arenas to this zone, Method was part of that legendary crew in TW Staff. Alongside Dock>, 2dragons, Ara, etc, they were the creators of almost everything we continue to play today. Just a quick example, HE'S THE ONE WHO CREATED THE DUEL ARENA. The same duel arena that we're still using over 10 years later. So I'm more than grateful to accept this donation from the legend himself.

I'm also excited to announce that Method is on a personal mission to save this game. Although he was gone for years while this game eroded, I remember seeing him logon when Steam was announced and being stoked that this game was still around, inspired to see people were still fighting to keep this game alive (Thank you Turban, miss you). Fast forward to about 2 months ago and Method reached out to me again, telling me about the itch he has to restore this great game back to popularity. I won't go into details, but he has a ton of ideas - you can ask him yourself. And as you can obviously tell by his original donation proposal to me, he's already extremely successful in real life - he runs his own business.

A lot of you already knew this if you've spoken to Method lately. But he's not the type to put everything on blast because he knows just like in the Golden Age, the real work is done behind the scenes. He's now back on staff, where he should be, on the name Wirah <ZH>. PM him some thank you's and stay tuned.

Method> tell em we're gona "Make Subspace Great Again"