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Thread: OMG I have lag (READ THIS)

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    OMG I have lag (READ THIS)


    I get a lot of reports of lag, so I wanted to post on here exactly what I'll ask you to help get your lag down. If you're lagging, read this, and maybe it will help.

    1. What other apps are you running?
    Any other network applications will affect your lag. Instant messenger clients will do it minimally; file sharing maximally.

    2. Have you downloaded anything lately?
    Using file-sharing programs will kill your bandwidth, but what you may not know is that they don't always shut down when you tell them to. Many times Kazaa or BitTorrent clients will remain resident and will be actually uploading things to the internet when you think they're shut off. Check for icons in your system tray, by your clock, and close any file-sharing programs that are still running.

    3. How many other computers are on your network?
    It is becoming more and more common to have multiple computers in the home (where the vast majority of players play). If a family member or roommate is downloading on the same connection that you're playing TW on then it will be sucking up your bandwidth, even on a different computer. The big test here if you're having lots of lag, don't meet conditions 1 or 2, but meet condition 3, is to shut down all of the computers in the house except for yours, wait a few minutes, then check your lag.

    Naturally, many other factors can influence your lag, but I've found that these three are predominant with the typical user.

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    pls sticky.


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    Its all true

    Ive had it all :P

    Once i lagged out continuesly, iw as like wtf i even shut my firewall off, then i checked the room next, shut utorrent off and voila ^-^

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    Another thing to check for is Spyware and viruses

    My computer got 0wn3d and was sending out spam. Making me lag

    Fixed it now and my lag if great!
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    how did you fix it?

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    one other thing for the ones with slow machines, "fixed" that on my bro's comp. make sure you have the graphic card accelerator on maximum(for some games like ANNO 1602 you have to set it it minimum), you do this in the advanced options where you change your resolution. somewhat like a "problems" tab, dont know what it says in the english version of windows. also deactivating the blinking of programs in the taskbar speeds your computer up (AIM especially that sometimes goes up to a ram usage of 160MB!!!). usually you can change that in the options. lowered my bro's ping by about 50-100 ms and ploss from 0.8% to 0.1%. might be a help for everyone still living in the stoneage and all others who hate laggy people :P

    also if you really do not want to stop filesharing most clients offer the option to control your upload/download. leave about 16kB/s for subspace and if it doesnt take up all your ram you should experience a lag increase of no more than 10 ms. you can also experiment with the amount of simultaneous connections.

    but if you do not need any other programs running, shut them off, download later, be fair to the community and have more fun playing too.

    if you want to have some more help fixing your lag as good as possible, contact me at or ingame with "?message L O V E" or "?message bkgmjo"

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    I'm not sure if this is computer/OS related, or internet related. I got a new laptop a few days ago with windows 7, and I lag harder now than I did with my xp machine. Currently this is my lag. PING Current:280 ms Average:1880 ms Low:240 ms High:14070 ms S2C: 3.9% C2S: 0.0% Yes I'm on dialup, no I can't get a better internet. I'm moving in a week or 2, so it's pointless.

    I highly doubt it's spyware, or a virus. I haven't downloaded anything other than SS. So.. Is my lag computer/OS related, or internet related?
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