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Thread: Have you been banned?

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    Have you been banned?

    Do you receive a message when entering the game stating that you've been banned? Don't panic and read the information below.

    First, determine which kind of ban you have. There are two types of bans:

    • Trench Wars-only ban (local zone ban)
      If you can't play only in Trench Wars, you've received a Trench Wars-only ban.
      If you think that you are innocent or the ban was unfair, you can email with your BanID and why you think you should be unbanned.
      This is the only official way to contact Trench Wars's ban coordinators about your ban. The current Trench Wars's ban coordinators are mentioned at the staff page.
      It may take a few days for a response, so if it's only a short ban you might be better off just waiting it out.

    • Network wide ban (netban)
      If you can't enter any SSC* zone anymore you've received a network wide ban. As this ban is network-wide, it might not be Trench Wars that has placed the ban on you!

      If you think you're innocent or caught under a network-wide ban that's not meant for you, click on the link below.
      Be sure to fill in all of the fields at the form. If you do not properly complete the form your request may not be reviewed.
      You will need a valid e-mail address, your ban ID, and any additional information you can give the operators to help resolve your dispute faster.

      Network Ban Form:
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