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Thread: Information about TWDev and recruitment. Please read

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    Information about TWDev and recruitment. Please read

    Who is TWDev?
    The Trenchwar's Development team is responsible for all the development, maintenance, and changes made to the bots, database, website, social media, and marketing / advertising. The members of TWDev do not get paid, subspace is a game that is made by the community and for the community. For those who are looking to make a long lasting positive impact on the zone, TWDev is the way to go. All of the divisions in Dev are looking for new recruits. Marketing / Advertising / Social Media has recently been moved to TWDev from TWStaff to make it easier for you to join without all the obstacles that were in the way previously. Information on how to join can be found towards the bottom of this post. The following are some of the skills that are put to use in TWDev

    Bot design and programming
    Graphic Design
    Map developement
    Web Design and programming
    Marketing / Advertising (New to TWDev, formally a department of staff)
    Social Media (New to TWDev, formally a department of staff)

    Clarifying some misconceptions

    TWDev is NOT a part of TWStaff
    The Trenchwar's Development team works independent from staff. This means you do not have to be a part of staff to be on the development team. In special cases being staff is a very helpful resource, thus we have the position "Dev Mod". A person can be promoted to have the same powers and permissions a mod has on staff without being on staff. Dev is often thought to be a part of staff, hopefully this thread will clear up some of the confusing involving Dev.

    You DO NOT need to be highly skilled to contribute.
    TWDev is open to people of all skill levels. We have professions as well as people with no prior knowledge of the material. TWDev serves as a great learning tool for developing new skills or to refine skills that you already have. TWDev often appeals to a lot of students because it's a chance to put some of the lessons they learn at school into practice. Being apart of TWDev gives you the benefit of learning and helping out the zone.

    How to join!
    If you're interested in joining TWDev or would like more information please contact K A N E in-game with a ?message / PM, or through private message on the forum. I will be able to get you setup or at least pointed in the right direction to take the next steps in joining TWDev. I can also provide you with guides or lessons on the material if you are just starting to learn the material. You can also contact the leader in any of the divisions you're interested in.

    Specific Information
    TW Development Leader: KrynetiX
    TW Development Website:

    Bot Dev
    TWBotDev Leader: WingZero
    TWBotDev Asisstant: K A N E
    Language used: Java and TWCore

    Web Dev
    TWWebDev Leader: o)-<|
    Language used: PHP

    TW Map and Graphics Development Team
    TWMapDev Leader: true_vision

    TW Advertising and Marketing Team (Social Media Included)
    TWMedia Leader: 24
    (Under Construction)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kane View Post
    TW Advertising and Marketing Team
    TWMedia Leader: 24
    (Under Construction)

    All good things must come to an end.

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    TW Media is having a meeting this weekend to discuss things and work out our direction and goals.
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    NICE! Its about time. I have been wanting to help out but I never get along with staff. Why does it say under construction though?
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    Well, it was recently moved from Staff to Dev, so we had to ascertain our goals and direction. We've got that done, so keep an eye out in the coming few weeks for things to (hopefully) get to the point we get them happening!
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