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Thread: Play TW on your phone: how-to guide

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    Talking Play TW on your phone: how-to guide

    You can't play SS natively on your phone yet, but you can have a copy of SS running on your home computer, and then log in on your phone to play it. Note that this requires a lot of bandwidth, so doing it over your phone's data plan is probably a bad idea, and you may not get a very good experience out of it, either. On wireless it's playable with the right setup, though framerate may be a bit low. If you use it on your home network, it should work almost flawlessly. So, yeah, you can play SS from bed or while on the john without having to pick up the laptop.

    NOTE: You can use this to play any PC game on your phone. You can also use it to just remotely access your desktop... but this is specifically designed with games in mind. Full motion video does appear to work pretty well, too, on a home network. So if you're watching a show and want to take it to another room without pausing, this will do the job.

    1. Download Kainy on your phone and PC. Sorry, Android only, no iPhone. There's also a PC and Chrome client version (login on home computer's SS connection, for example) but you have to pay for it. It's free with ads for Android, or $3 without.
    2. Start PC version. Note network settings.
    3. Copy network info from PC version to phone.
    4. Hit back, then click on the server you just set up (PC) and hit Connect.
    5. Follow the tutorial.
    6. You'll need to set up a "Page" to play the game. Basically a page is the button overlay. When you make a page you're just making the buttons you'll need to play.
    7. Click on the top of the screen, click Pages, then Page 1 (or 2, or whatever).
    8. Click Edit Page.
    9. Delete everything on there.
    10. Then click Add, Controllers tab, and add an Analog stick (8 Directions). Zoom gesture to make it smaller/bigger.
    11. Click the analog stick, hit Properties, and change mapping to Arrows.
    12. Properties again, Dead Zone, set to something high. I put it at 90%.
    13. Now add the rest of the buttons you want. Shift, Control, Tab, etc. I suggest using the picture icons, then changing Mapping to whatever key you want.
    14. When you have your interface set up how you'd like, play some spaceships.

    I'm pretty damn tired so this is a little disjointed, but I think you can figure it out. I just wanted to post it while I remembered. You can ask questions here or in-game or ?msg if you want more info.
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