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Thread: 1v1 Premier Dueling League is Back - TWEL12

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    1v1 Premier Dueling League is Back - TWEL12

    TWEL Head Op - Mythril
    TWEL Op - Heaven

    TWEL Season 12

    First off, congratulations to LaSenza (TWEL-D), Tiny (TWEL-J), Ease (TWEL-S) and Shock Therapy (TWEL-L) on all competing and winning their individual dueling titles last season.

    The Premier 1v1 Dueling league will make a return on this Wednesday, June 8th at 2pm (EST). If you played last season, youíre already familiar with how this league works. Structurally, there's nothing new for Season 12. Cash rewards (total amount TBD, will explain later.), Lancaster dueling, etc. will all be in play for this season.

    Qualifying will begin on Wednesday, June 8th, at 2PM EST. Ladders will be reset and Season 12 will officially begin. Qualifying will end and ladders will be frozen on July 17th at 11:59PM EST. This gives you roughly 5 weeks to play enough duels to position yourself into the Playoff Brackets to compete for the 1v1 Dueling Championship. Brackets will be posted immediately and the playoffs will begin on July 16th.

    As far as resolution limits, TWLD resolution limits are currently in place in ?go duel for warbird matches. However, just like last year, Iím going to lift the limit for qualifying in hopes that more javs/basers participate. I imagine itís pretty annoying changing resolutions just to play a warbird duel. I will see how qualifying goes and consider bringing them back for the playoffs.

    How to qualify for the playoff brackets:

    TWEL-D: Play a minimum of 15 duels in Warbird and be in the top 32 when qualifying ends.
    TWEL-J: Play a minimum of 15 duels in Javelin and be in the top 32 when qualifying ends.
    *TWEL-S: Play a minimum of 7 duels in Spider and be in the top 16 when qualifying ends.
    *TWEL-L: Play a minimum of 3 duels in Lancaster and be in top 16 when qualifying ends.

    *TWEL-S and TWEL-L might be increased to a 32 man bracket depending on turnout.

    Dueling Rules for Qualifying:

    - All duels must be recorded and played in ?go duel. Pub dueling does not count and has absolutely nothing to do with this league
    - Youíre allowed to set your own rules during qualifying (nc, warp, winby2, to 5/10). Note that duels to 5 earn half the points as duels to 10.
    - You are allowed to qualify for all 4 leagues as long as you meet requirements for the leagues you wish to play
    - There will be no feeding allowed. If youíre caught feeding or being fed, those duels will be ruled void and you will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs
    - You are not allowed to qualify by only cherry-picking opponents. It is embarrassingly obvious when someone is choosing to only duel low level talent in order to qualify. Blatant offenders will not be invited to the playoffs, regardless of rating on the ladder.
    - Use ONE name for qualifying. If you decide to change names, let me know with a ?message. You must meet requirements on ONE name. I will not combine games played with multiple names. Constant name changing will be viewed as abuse and will also result in you not being invited to the playoffs.

    TWEL12 Playoffs:

    Brackets will be created as soon as qualifying ends. Once seeding is set, a TWEL Op will message you your opponent and it is UP TO YOU AND YOUR OPPONENT to complete your duel within 1 week. If you do not complete your duel within your 1 week time frame, Iíll advance the player who I felt put more effort into trying to make the duel happen. This means itís imperative that you message me and keep me up to date with your struggles when trying to find your opponent. But seriously guys, a full week to find another person online? Get it done. Of course there are emergencies, people moving, summer vacations etc. that could interfere and all I ask is that you notifty a TWEL Op ahead of time. We will work with you as long as the time frame is reasonable.

    All brackets will be double elimination.

    There will be cash prizes for winners of each league. As of right now, Iím throwing $100 of my own money into the pot. Amnesti has offered to pitch in $300 for the winner of TWEL-J. Iíve asked for him to send me the money to guarantee it will be rewarded to the winner, but he asks that I Ďtrustí him. So yeah, believe him at your own risk. Donations are very much appreciated so if youíre interested in throwing a few bucks into the league, please message me.

    A more detailed Playoff Rules thread will be posted as we get closer to the end of qualifying.

    I hope to have a fun and competitive TWEL Season 12. Good luck to all who choose to participate! PM/Message myself or Heaven if you have any questions.
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    Great stuff, looking forward to getting back into the grind
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythril View Post
    Amnesti has offered to pitch in $300 for the winner of TWEL-J. Iíve asked for him to send me the money to guarantee it will be rewarded to the winner, but he asks that I Ďtrustí him.

    wud like 2 donate the amount of $500 for person who finishes #21 in twel-d
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    Thanks Mythril!

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