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Thread: TWD Reset - Rating System is up for testing

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    Exclamation TWD Reset - Rating System is up for testing

    UPDATE: We are making progress each passing day. Testing is on again. Play to your heart's content.

    TWD was reset today to accommodate the TWD Ratings system. You can test it now, simply by playing.

    There is a high chance of several issues that we will need to iron out; statistics mixed up, bots crashing, site not updating etc.
    The more you can report suspected bugs or occurring issues, the faster they can be solved and the faster we will get a solid build of the system.

    Every player will have individual ratings changes depending on their current rating, who they play with and who they play against. It all counts towards the gains and losses of your rating.
    We recommend you play as much as possible, with as many different lineups as possible, and against as many different teams as possible. This way the system will be stressed and tested to the optimal.

    To report any and all issues: Post on forums or send a ?help call about it. We'll get to it asap.

    Staff will try to provide an alternative way to play squad matches if there is any down time to TWD Bots or the website functioning.

    Statistics page:
    Currently the ratings don't show on player's TWD profile.

    We will show recognition to the most active testers.
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