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Thread: TWEL-D Season 12 Predictions - Vys Enters the Ring

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    love ss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythril View Post
    I tried to play middle man when you wanted to duel and 24 said "the guy had all day to challenge me, I'm jding right now." And you said you had to leave for dinner or something. Still gave you guys days of time afterwards to figure it out. You can't decide last second that a 20 minute window within a whole week is the only time the duel can go down. I logged on and immediately pm'ed 24 and we were dueling each other in less than 5 minutes afterwards. 24 literally msgs opponents on whatsapp to get his TWEL duels done. He was the 1st player to reach the final winner's bracket in TWEL-J. I don't think he's the right guy to accuse of dodging anyone.


    You done editing posts while I'm responding? Lol. You told me to just remove yourself from the tournament dude. Days went by, you still didn't message me about what was going on even after the fact. Now you're blown that I disqualified you when you asked for it yourself? Makes no sense man.
    Actually I was the one contacting him in a span of a week and he was always busy so dont give me the bs that I decided that the duel had to happen in a 20 minute window when I made a couple attempts to duel him and each time he said no. You are making assumptions based off what you think happened because 24 is super active in TWELJ. The post is more directed to 24 not you. I got fed up with trying to set up a match and he expects me to duel him during TWL when my squad/his squad is playing? What a goof.
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