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Thread: Dear Mythril

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    Dear Mythril

    Dear Mythril

    After trying to duel Ricko twice in TWEL I have good reason to believe he might be ducking me. He has gone to extreme lengths to avoid dueling a superior Warbird like myself and paid Sika to take over Healts account to duel me in the first round.
    After his attempt at sabotaging my TWEL dreams failed, he is now ducking and using the excuse he has friends and further more is on holiday. But don't let this fool you, Ricko was a master within the stock exchange business and saw the Brexit move happening in England before anyone else and made his fortune selling just at the right time which then gave him the funds to buy actors to pose as friends, and to stage the whole holiday on his Facebook account which was shot infact in Hollywood,...England.
    We all know this a ploy from a skilled actor who's whole Warbird career and social powers have finally been found out as a lie.

    So to show you what a non edited photograph should look like I have taken the liberty already of my certain win of designing how my wall will be, once I have caught up with and defeated the ever elusive beast Ricko known only for his distinct ginger hair and pubes.

    And below his head, it shall say "here lies Ricko the fool who thought he could duck Attacks".

    Hope you can come and visit my gallery


    Yours Sincerely
    British> my 18th tomoz $$
    Sol ^> 18 and scouse, so that two kids you have by now, brit?

    i.d.> I just farted and shit myself alittle bit

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    Unless you can prove to me that his incredibly attractive and masculine jawline is fake, I see no reason to buy what you're selling here, Attacks.

    Duel postponed.
    Helios> this girl at the bar i meet we went home she was like eat my pussy i was liek go shower she came back out was liek ready am like who the fuck are u what hapopen to the other girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythril View Post
    Unless you can prove to me that his incredibly attractive and masculine jawline is fake, I see no reason to buy what you're selling here, Attacks.

    Duel postponed.
    Siaxis> 4:Mythril> my arena
    tmaC> 1:fireballz> im the greatest coordinator of all time
    capE> lucky he didnt say captain
    capE> LOL BURN

    Tapzu> tamzu vleane, we all know tou copied that nick from me

    1:merce> ima go take a shower and try to suk my own dick

    9:Fludd> guys, i want u all to know something..
    9:megaman89> fludd go play monopoly with children and dome

    1:Kentaro> nice gay name elven
    1:Kentaro> suits you well
    1:PUTAO> fuk urself fuk emo, ur mother suck mu penis all day screaming my name

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