Trench Wars Divisions Meeting

No, itís not a entmoot....

Greetings Trenchers,

I am running a TWD meeting this Sunday 16th October at 6pm EST to discuss how we as a community can make the right decisions on how to run some of the new TWD features.

This will be held in ?go TWD

I will be making an agenda in the next few days. However, here are a few things that will need to be discussed and will need your feedback on.

-Player Borrowing

Borrowing player limit, whether borrowed games should even affect rating, if borrowed players should also contribute rating to their native squad, and if there should some limit to how often you can borrow?

-End of season inactive squad penalties
Should inactive squads who are stuck at the top of the ladder and don't play anyone have rating penalties, causing rating to drop when they donít play? How much rating should they lose? How to avoid easy team farming?

-TWD medals
A look into potential medal options, how to implement the medals, and which ones you simply like the look of.

-How to end the season?

How do we determine how TWD ends? Top two teams play each other for the TWD championship? A top 4 squad tournament? Or simply keep it a league to its core?

-How to deal with end of season squad-hopping to winning teams for easy medals?

-How long will the season last?
How long do you want the season to last? 4, 5 or 6 months? Do we tie it in with the next TWL and have an off-season during this?

General rules of conduct during the meeting

As with all large gatherings of people with ideas and views people can get verbal, opinionated and come across rude at times, so for this reason we ask that you respect other peopleís views and opinions.

There are no silly ideas.

Players who spam, don't allow others to talk, or who are generally disrespectful to other players views will be silenced by an army of power-hungry mods present. However if you wish to abuse or trash someone I recommend either :Ricko: if heís online or leave a ?message to Ricko, it's very stress relieving, trust me.

If you would like to see a list of new features that are already coming to TWD please see here for more info!

Can't wait to see you there! Hope you can all make it.