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Thread: Anyone from my time still plays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pooh Bear View Post
    Whats up nim -necro
    lol for real? Pooh Bear? Something just never change i guess Necro. $ Glad to see some familiar faces replying to my posts. I'll be logging on once in awhile to see what's up with TW.
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    4:Nethila> omfg.. i have babies with your girl in Sims!
    4:Nimrook> ooo.. well i understand Neth, it's not your fault that u cannot make real ones.. cause u were born like that.. i guess u will have to make babies in your Sims game
    4:Akuun> ROFL
    4:Akuun> Hahahahahaha
    4:Thundermare> Neth = owned
    4:Nimrook> lol

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    Cakes Da Killa deserves more recognition, he makes awesome music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimrook View Post
    What's up TW, it's been awhile since I last logged onto the form and TW. Today I only saw 98 players in the server and it makes me wonder if the players from my time still plays this game?
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    I was RSC17 Spider back in the day - last played in 2009 and recently picked up the game again.

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