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Thread: Congrats to the TWDT 2016 (Fall) Champions!

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    Congrats to the TWDT 2016 (Fall) Champions!

    Congrats to Power on winning TWDT-D, Mortal on winning TWDT-J, and Terrorist on winning TWDT-B!

    A big thanks to all the mods who hosted and helped out this season, and especially to Markmrw for all his work. Also big ups to Attacks, Milosh, Dreamwin, Pressure, Commodo and Tiny for capping and being the best group in the four seasons I've been doing this. Also props to the TWDT Trade Calculator. He wasn't the hero we wanted, but he was the hero we needed.

    Your winning captains, Zidane, Pressure, and Dreamwin have selected their lists of players who will be receiving TWD Medals, so you should be receiving those soon.

    I hope that most of you enjoyed the season, although I know due to limited play slots you can't please everyone (I try to mix up the star levels to give different groups of players a chance.) Every team was competitive in all three leagues for the most part, and I think it helped the zone recover from TWL 21, although I've heard a lot of interest in returning to 8 teams next time around to get more players in.

    TWDT 2016 (Winter) had 8 teams and was a success, although it wasn't coming off such an inactive TWL summer season. It will be up to the next TWDT Op to decide.

    Expect the Finals Edition of TWDT Hot or Not tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Thanks to everyone for playing!

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    TWDT History

    The TWDT maps should be updated tonight or tomorrow with the new winners:

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    Man....Ogron you honestly have done such an amazing job with this league. How far it has come and how competitive it is. This is by far the league that's most fun for me. I wish it could go year round. Thank you for all of your hard work man. It's greatly appreciated.
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    Thank you Ogron for your hard work this year. cheers
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    Mad props Oggy this has been a great tournament, i never felt so proud to be a nerd in all my life. Gratz to the winners.


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    Ty for ur efforts and hard work ogron
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    Big thanks to all the caps for capping. It is harder than it looks, managing egos/trades, playtime, and informing the squad about time changes or show up times. So big thanks for making good picks and making this league one of the most competitive in recent memory.

    Also a HUGE thanks to Claushouse (Aka Adam Silver) for hosting this league and writing the HoN and basically making this entire thing happen. I don't think any of us can really say how much time and passion this man has dedicated to running our league. I know he can be difficult as a person to deal with some time but we all have our moments, lol.
    If you cannot run the next league, it's ok. We all know you deserve a long break from this hard work.

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    Nice work Ogre ron, thanks for the league. I recorded the second game:

    There are some audio issues, but it's not too bad.
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    Great stuff! I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for putting so much effort into making this such an enjoyable league for us all.

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    thnx for this subject

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    all terrorists reported

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