Just to inform the community i'm stepping down as TWD Head.

There is a time when it becomes a massive chore to log onto Trench wars, you realize you are no longer having any fun, then perhaps its time to take a step away from deciding its present course.
I have become so inactive as a result of my lack of interest and desire, that I have completely lost touch with TWD, the players and other staff members.

I think between head of TWD, TWDT Captain,TWLD and writing the hot or nots for TWL and Ricko losing horribly in TWEL after coaching him. I have just completely blown out like a fuse.

TWD is heading in the right direction, and my vision for TWD is coming to life and I have absolute confidence that staff can continue to play out my vision, as much as you may like or dislike staff, the majority of them work extremely hard for free and receive little thanks for it, and credit to them its something i've never been able to keep up for the length of time they have.

I will still be popping onto play the odd TWD game and I still haven't given up with the idea of making Elim viable again, but it won't be for a long while until I have had a rest and can appreciate this game again.

Have fun in trench wars guys, and I wish whoever takes over my work the very best.