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Thread: Not so much the new head of twd.....

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    Not so much the new head of twd.....

    Just to inform the community i'm stepping down as TWD Head.

    There is a time when it becomes a massive chore to log onto Trench wars, you realize you are no longer having any fun, then perhaps its time to take a step away from deciding its present course.
    I have become so inactive as a result of my lack of interest and desire, that I have completely lost touch with TWD, the players and other staff members.

    I think between head of TWD, TWDT Captain,TWLD and writing the hot or nots for TWL and Ricko losing horribly in TWEL after coaching him. I have just completely blown out like a fuse.

    TWD is heading in the right direction, and my vision for TWD is coming to life and I have absolute confidence that staff can continue to play out my vision, as much as you may like or dislike staff, the majority of them work extremely hard for free and receive little thanks for it, and credit to them its something i've never been able to keep up for the length of time they have.

    I will still be popping onto play the odd TWD game and I still haven't given up with the idea of making Elim viable again, but it won't be for a long while until I have had a rest and can appreciate this game again.

    Have fun in trench wars guys, and I wish whoever takes over my work the very best.

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    Thanks for your work, tax.
    Quote Originally Posted by jerome
    can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attacks View Post
    Ricko losing horribly in TWEL after coaching him.
    lol what
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    Cya Attacks, have a nice life.
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    Ricko you represented the brits and you lost. You were the last straw on the British camel's back.
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    Cya Attacks, have a nice life.
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    Aw man will miss ya in pub make sure to stop by when you can.
    Thank you for all the time you put in.

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    I'm sure I speak for all of staff and the community when i say that you have done a great job, it was only a short time but you did achieve a huge amount in that time.
    It was a pleasure "working" with you and you made it easy to make changes and discuss new ideas.
    You will be missed on staff especially by the TWD team, we wish you the best in irl.

    On a personal note, thank you for being such a positive influence on TWD and leagues and helping me out. Being on your draft team was great and your captaining skills were excellent.

    I hope you stay in touch in game and irl.

    p.s. get your butt to Oxford and we'll have a pint of proper cider!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markmrw View Post
    I'm sure I speak for all of staff and the community when i say...
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    Then please revert everything you've done back to normal except for player borrowing. This "TWD season" is kind of just a distraction and I don't think it was going anywhere in the first place. Besides the failure of that league, I really thought you were taking good steps towards bringing something new to the game. It's a shame that you were fatigued by the few weeks you were in charge. I hope that you come around in the next few hours and remove this post and retain your position as head of TWD and instead of letting all of the work pile on top of you distribute it amongst the many staffers who should be helping you.
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    Thanks for all of your hard work man, hope to see you soon
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    Beasty and I would also like to thank you for the work you put in, both as Head of TWD and before. When you took the position you immediately made it a point to start out by listening to what players actually wanted to see happen in TWD, and then went about making changes in a careful way based on that feedback. Your professionalism, thoughtfulness, respect in the league community and commitment to the game are a hard combination to come by, and though your tenure was short your loss will be felt.

    Hope you can get some rest, de-stress, and that when it feels less like effort and more like a good time, you'll be able to come back to help improve the zone again.
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    Thanks for your hard work bud, you along with devs like qan worked fast to make quick changes happen.

    It's really funny how Ricko got slapped our of nowhere lol. Guy was an innocent bystander and he got slapped as you made your exit out of the TWD head office.

    All jokes aside, thanks for everything Attacks and thanks to TW staff who work behind the scenes for free.

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    Definitely a step back for the community ... I appreciate you

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