The 1v1 TWEL ladders have been reset. Feel free to play your friends and foes to qualify for the next season of TWEL, which is currently TBD as we work on other leagues. Once again, congrats to Ease and RaCka for winning Season 12.

Here's some updates on the upcoming 2v2 league that we're working on. I was able to speak with Qan last night about the logistics of the new league and things sounded promising. If all works out like we believe it will, we'll have the brand new league up and running sometime in the near future. It's going to be completely run through the bot, no website. Ladders, ratings, ranks, records will all be visible through bot commands (future of TW - (2016-2017)). We will let you know about anymore updates.

Right now we're still building the format for the league but I do want to make it more inclusive to all players with a possibility of 2 separate brackets - one with 8* players and higher and one with 7* players and below. That's just an idea for now, we'll have to see what we come up with as I bounce ideas off other people and get closer to the fully functional duelbot. But I do want this to be a zone-wide league and not just cater to the elites of the zone like TWEL has. All spaceships matter.

TWDL (Trench Wars Doubles League) is coming soon. ?go duel2, grab a partner, then find players from around the world and you already know what to do next - kill those motherfuckers. (Continuum .40).