oh I was just failing to be funny. however, ideas, suggestions, initiatives have been offered countless times in the past. back when there were more active coders we (players) were giving suggestions on an almost daily basis on "neat" new features to TWD and TWL.

I am grateful for the work you have put in and still do, if anything you are one of the few people who have breathed life into this zones of ours and made it more enjoyable. Unfortunately you didn't have as much of an active role back when the zone still had a respectable amount of players logging in. Back when we could easily have 12 squads even in TWLB.

That's when players still gave a damn, that's when people in higher positions in staff just made people quit. PH, Turban... both quit because of some weird in-game politics. They were probably the best TWL op's we had.

Mythril, without staff powers made TWEL Great Again. Claushouse created TSL and with help from you we can all agree that it was a success.

Back when the zone really needed to "drain the swamp" we had some guy named 'oo.oo' banning people instead of doing something useful like Mythril and Claus. Too many people on staff going on "power trips" and players had go through 5 threads of voting if we wanted resolution-limits or not. until some dipshit finally managed to push it through when most wbs stopped playing. (i'm not against res-limits these days, because of the state the zone is in, but back then it was just one facepalm after another). We never got an updated TWL website, we never got a more automated newbie-friendly baseprac arena. we just saw multiple threads of people with the best intentions going literally ape-shit at how upper staff were handling things... Reckful is a good example.

thanks tho, and sorry for the rant