Any good with video editing/production? There's a need for a short (30 to 90 second) video that will play after installing the game for the first time, and which will show players how to create a profile, set a password and enter the game. It's normal for us, but it's very old-fashioned and not at all intuitive for people who've never played.

Basically all that's needed are some screen caps of someone going through the profile creation process with a fresh install, edited to be straight and to the point. Also could use simple explanatory text.

Basic script of what it needs to include:

  • Welcome to Subspace Continuum.
  • To start, click PROFILE.
  • Type a unique name in the Player Name field. (Common names are probably already in use.)
  • Enter a password in the Password field.
  • Press OK.
  • Select a zone from the zone list.
  • Press PLAY.
  • If it asks if you want to create the name, success. Enter registration info (optional) and press OK.
  • If it says invalid password, you need to go back to PROFILE and try a different name.

Ideally it needs background music and a voiceover as well. If one person will take on the video, maybe another will do the music and another the VO. I can do the VO if nobody else is willing.