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    1 9.09%
  • 5x5 #3

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  • 5x5 #4

    2 18.18%
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Thread: BigBullets - which to use in default install, if any

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    BigBullets - which to use in default install, if any

    I've collected all the copies of BigBullets I could find. Please download the pack (see attachment), try them all, and vote for your favorites. (Vote for any you think would be OK to have in the install. If you really think one is the clear choice, only vote for it.)

    TO USE: Rename a file in the .zip to bullets.bm2 and place in your \graphics directory.

    #1 of the 5x5 is from the SSDLs The other 3 are from forum threads and other sources. The 6x6 and 9x9 are both courtesy of Paladen. Also included in the archive is a 100-sized bullet by Paladen, for all those times you wanted bullets several times larger than your ship.

    Comments and shitposting welcome as always.

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    dont change all cuz 2 persons need glasses

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    I have used #1 in that list for years and years and I have been very happy with them. You could always put the bullets.bm2 into zones/trench wars folder so they are not in use in every zone as default because we all know chaos league svs has 300 people watching pro finals every sunday
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    standard bullets are not good simply because all new players will pretty much start the game with every graphic option enabled, and thus smaller bullets will blend far too easily into the background. we could also consider the option to include custom bomb and mine graphics that are easier to spot as the original graphics, as far as i can recall, are not that crisp.

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    is there any way we can use small rob schneider heads as bullets?

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