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    Default macro set

    What do you think about including a set of default macros for players -- good idea/bad idea? (Thanks in advance for your half a cent, Leland.)

    Default macros would give players access to some standard game features, and maybe some idea of what various goals are in SS. Keep in mind that these macros, if included, would need to be general enough to fit many different zones, not just TW.

    Standard macros are along the lines of ... "at enemy" "enemy spotted here" "flags/flag carrier here" "attach to me" "attach to X" and of course, trash talk.

    Here are the available tags:

    %red = name(bty:flags) of nearest enemy flag carrier
    %redname = name of nearest enemy flag carrier
    %redbounty = bounty of nearest enemy flag carrier
    %redflags = number of flags of nearest enemy flag carrier
    %tickname = ticked name
    %selfname = your name
    %squad = your squad
    %freq = your frequency
    %bounty = your bounty
    %flags = your flag count
    %energy = your energy
    %shield = your shield time
    %super = your super time
    %killer = last person to kill you
    %killed = last person you killed
    %coord = your coords (IE: A4, J12)
    %area = your area (ie: Upper-Right, Middle)

    Someone want to give a default set a shot? There are 10 macro slots available. I can also just do it myself ... seems to be kind of a running theme...
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    I feel new players would not be using the preassigned macro set until much later into the game when they have a better understanding of the game mechanics, but then again it would not hurt in the long run and returning veteran players would probably appreciate the added feature to the installer. However I can't think of many macros that would be universally good for most zones, and perhaps filling all ten macro slots would be a bit of an overkill. Anyhow here's at least four basic ones that could be included:

    # HOME is UNDER ATTACK! Please attach to <%tickname> to defend.
    # ENEMY SPOTTED! Please attach to <%tickname> to attack.
    # %red spotted at %coord <%area> // for flagging zones such as Extreme Games
    # %tickname @ %coord <%area> // simple and effective macro for spectator use

    not sure what other macros people would really need unless you want to teach the players how to troll with %killed got owned by %selfname for %bounty or something.

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    %super = your super time


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    preload all of them to this, imo

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    shift + f8: 'Eric Clapton> riv are you going to be more active or are you busy praying to allah %coord

    (f8 is easiest to use on my laptop)
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