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    TWDT Spring 2017 Announcement

    TWDT 2017 Spring Season

    Trench Wars Draft Tournament is starting on Sunday, 16th April. The league will be planned so that we are finished by early June to avoid pushing the league to continue during summer. The signups are open immediately and the draft will take place on Sunday, 9th April.


    1) Forums, replying to the Signup thread here.
    2) In-game, leave ?message to Henry Saari, Geio or vys.
    3) In-game, messaging !signup to TWDTBOT (preferred method)


    Will be kept the same as previously:

    TWDTD 3pm
    TWDTD 3:30pm
    TWDTJ 4pm
    TWDTJ 4:30pm
    TWDTB 5pm
    TWDTB 5:30pm


    During this TWDT you will face every squad twice in every league before the play-offs begin. Your regular season points will determine whether you enter or miss play-offs in certain league. Assuming we will have 6 squads, the bottom 2 of each league will drop out after regular season and number one of each league will receive a bye to finals. To determine the other contender for finals the three remaining squads will face each other in semi-finals where the winning squad of a game proceeds to face the next one and the loser is out. This will be done with the following format: number 2 of regular season vs number 4 winner of previous game vs number 3.

    With 8 squads the format of the regular season is similar however once the play-offs begin 6 squads will make the play-offs for each league. Number one from regular season still gets a bye to finals but for the remaining 5 there will be a set of games, the 2nd place plays vs 5th, 3rd plays vs 4th and then the winners of these games will decide the other finalist to face the number one from regular season.

    Here's the play-offs explained as a picture:

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    During regular season the games are best of 1 round in warbird and javelin and for base a race to 15 minutes. For play-offs warbird and javelin will have best of three rounds format and for base a race to 20 minutes.

    Each team is required to play a 7-Star or lower, and a 6-Star or lower, player in each game (2 slots) in TWDT-D and TWDT-J.

    For TWDT-B, the number of low-star players in each game (3 slots), require two 7-Star or lower, and a 6-star or lower, in each game.

    Timetable for 6 squad league:

    April 22 First round
    April 29 Second round
    May 6 Third round
    May 13 play-offs
    May 20 finals


    We will be asking the previous TWDT captains to continue their duties and hopefully they will but may also include new fresh faces. We will be naming the captains within the next week or sooner.

    TWDT Spring 2017 brought to you by Henry Saari, vys & Geio.

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