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Thread: Okyo's TWDT-D 2017 DRAFT REVIEW

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    Okyo's TWDT-D 2017 DRAFT REVIEW


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    Credits to Ogron for making this table

    TWDTD Draft Review
    Courtesy of the Evil Big Baby

    I remember writing a TWLD prediction last season, and given its popularity, I decided to write something similar again. It is truly regrettable that Ogron isnít willing to organize the league and provide the community with his ever-so-entertaining Hot or Nots anymore; they were always very enjoyable to read (actually it seems like he is still planning to write). However, we have been blessed with competent individuals such as Henry Saari and vys, to name a few, who were willing to replace him and give the zone something to look forward to again.

    Credits to Ogron again for inspiring me with the formatting. Without further adoÖ here we go.

    Power A+

    Starters: Ricko, Weak, Okyo, Bacon (7), Sassafras (6)
    Subs: Beam, Zidane, Trasher (7), Ixador (6), Aprix (6)

    Without a doubt, Zidane has the most balanced team across all three leagues. Iíll be honest and say that Iím quite happy to be part of this team, as it is definitely a contender for yet another triple crownósomething that weíve all seen occur far too many times with this man (See S17, S20, and TWIC).

    Although I have no idea how promising our team appears to be (basing and javelin wise) in comparison to other teams, I can safely say, with respect to warbirds, that weíve already won TWDTD. Not only do we have 3 high stars warbirds who have proven themselves time after times, but we also have Bacon, a 7* warbird who is easily a 9* in my opinion. This is an unfortunate mistake on the part of the league operators, which will greatly benefit this team.

    These 3 metrics certainly donít tell the whole story of how dominant a warbird can be, but they are among the most important.

    Like Iron Survivor, he is a warbird that leads his own underdog squad and refrains from stacking even if given the chance. This has allowed him to continuously improve his game in order to eventually seize the blue medal, something that he most likely want to earn fair and square instead of it being handed to him on a silver platter, which is how most people seem to get their medals.

    Killing Ability: 7.5/10
    Dodge: 8/10
    Survivability: 8/10

    A great warbird that is nice to have on your team. He won TWLD a couple of times and therefore his experience will be invaluable. While he certainly is not 10*, he is someone that you can count on to get 15+ kills and carry the team.

    Killing Ability: 8/10
    Dodge: 6/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Iím not sure what to say about myself aside from the fact that Iím currently a TWLD champion. During the draft, Henry Saari made a mistake and allowed delectable, someone who is very knowledgeable about warbirds, to pick his 2nd player. Although the pick was nullified in order to follow the snake draft procedure, he still chose to pick me over countless of other 10* warbirds.

    Killing Ability: 8/10
    Dodge: 7/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Bacon is the dark horse of the league and heíll be shooting tomahawk missiles, destroying teams like how Trump bombed Syria. Clearly, the league operators had no idea how good this player could be, something that obviously worked to our advantage. His presence will allow us to win every warbird games because, with him, we essentially have 4 warbirds whose skill levels are all 9* or above. Itís going to be very hard to defeat 4 real warbirds with only 3.

    Killing Ability: 7.5/10
    Dodge: 6/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Sassafras is the best 6* warbird in the league. Common sense dictates that a team of 5 can easily be dismantled by focusing on the weak link. Fortunately for us, we do not have a single weak link in which other teams can capitalize on and destroy us.

    Killing Ability: 4/10
    Dodge: 4/10
    Survivability: 4/10

    Paladin A

    Starters: Vys, RaCka, Tanzu, Jessup (7), Anyone (6)

    Subs: Spezza, Cape (7), Anyone (6)

    Jessup drafted a lot of warbirds early on at the peril of getting quality players in other divisions. While he may have quite the formidable warbird team in Vys, RaCka, Tanzu, and himself, he sort of neglected in the javelin department, causing his team to be non-threatening there. His basing team seems to be quite decent at first glance; however, most of his basers suffer from a 24/7 non-show problem, thus effectively rendering the team worthless.

    Assuming that the key players are going to show up every week, this team will prove to be the most problematic for Zidaneís Power to handle.

    Vys is the only player in existence to have ever completed the game. I was sort of curious and wanted to understand this enigmatic statement, so I once asked my friend Cres about it. Hereís how our discussion went:
    okyo: ey y vys say he complete game when he no have any twld medal
    Cres: mental retardation

    Killing Ability: 7/10
    Dodge: 7/10
    Survivability: 10/10

    RaCka is the most insecure player in the game. He always feels obliged to challenge everyone in the zone that poses a threat to his so-called title of being the best player that ever graced the game. He is quite the formidable warbird, donít get me wrong, but his obsession with being the best gets old.

    Killing Ability: 8/10
    Dodge: 8/10
    Survivability: 7/10

    He is the current TWLD Champion. Enough said.

    Killing Ability: 7.5/10
    Dodge: 6/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Jessup is a Paladen mainstay whose primary technique in TWDD is the suicide rush. I am certain that I am not the only one who has fallen victim to some of his retarded suicide rushes against opponents with full energy. The only way any good players would ever die to Jessup is either because they blinked or lost concentration. Sorry. No offense.

    Killing Ability: 3/10
    Dodge: 1/10
    Survivability: 4/10

    ALF B+

    Starters: Mythril, Reaver, Jones, Major Crisis (7), Maito_Chi (6)
    Subs: Delectable, Turban, Shaun (7) Anyone (6)

    I could have been on Delectableís team if it wasnít for the snake draft, but oh well. I wonder why he decided to pick me ahead of other competent warbirds as his second player; surely he does not think that my abilities far surpass the rest? Iím only a 9* warbird after all. I guess the mystery will never be unraveled as I cannot exactly dive into his brain and see what heís thinking about.

    I am not sure if choosing Turban as the very first pick was a smart choice. He mentioned that he would not be available to play during certain times, which would most likely force Delectable to depend upon someone else to win his javelin games.

    Aside from his questionable first pick, Delectable drafted a lot of warbirds. Oddly enough, these warbirds are also on Chemical, a squad led by the captain himself. Perhaps the chemistry he developed with these players over the limited amount of time that Chemical has been alive is the reason why he chose them.

    A lot of people have considered him the best warbird in the game for quite some times. I donít think he is the best warbird in the game, but he is still nevertheless very elite. Unfortunately for him, it appears that he suffers from a case of lackluster(ness) if thatís even a word. I have played him in occasional dd matches recently and, from my understanding, his most prominent strength would be his dodging. In fact, I donít think Iíve ever had that much trouble rushing someone to death.

    Killing Ability: 7.5/10
    Dodge: 10/10
    Survivability: 8/10

    I personally thought he was the best warbird in the game back in 2013, when I had only played Trench Wars for 3 years. Part of the reason is because he mercilessly rushed me to death during a TWLD game. While that might not be a good enough reason for believing someone to be the best warbird, my knowledge of warbird at that time was very lacking. Nevertheless, I still consider him to be an elite warbird. Wait until he truly unrusts. He will cause massive damage.

    Killing Ability: 8/10
    Dodge: 7/10
    Survivability: 7/10

    Big Baby Jonie has always been a very great warbird, but has not lived up to his name for quite some times now. Terrorist would have beaten Zidaneís Power during the previous seasonís TWDTD finals if Jonie had played a little bit better. Nevertheless, he is still a warbird that anyone would be happy to have on their team.

    Killing Ability: 6.5/10
    Dodge: 7/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Major Crisis:
    Major Crisis is a TWDT All-Star who is good in all three league. I may be wrong, but I believe that his main ship is the yellow banana one, and yet he performs better in warbird.

    Killing Ability: 4/10
    Dodge: 2/10
    Survivability: 3/10

    Maito_Chi is the second best 6* warbird in the game behind Sassafras. Iím not exactly sure who he is, but he is pretty good.

    Killing Ability: 5/10
    Dodge: 4/10
    Survivability: 4/10

    okyo> ?find dele
    delectable <ER> - Public 0
    okyo> interview?
    delectable> hello
    okyo> hello delectable, how do you feel about your team in twdt?
    delectable> loooooooooooool
    okyo> being positioned at #1 for the drafting was a blessing was it not?
    okyo> r u gonna give me interview
    delectable> i didnt even know u talked
    delectable> but sure im a team player
    okyo> yeah?
    okyo> so how do you feel about the team you picked?
    okyo> i think your the strongest in wb
    delectable> OK I feel ALF is the most balanced team in the draft. We can compete in all 3 leagues. We have good depth in every spot and probably the best activity of all the players. It helps having a game changer like Turban.
    okyo> yeah turban is the best 3 leaguer in the draft, thats for sure. but i think he mentioned that he wouldnt be able to show up for certain time frames
    okyo> any ideas on this ?
    delectable> and picking #1 was nice. There were a lot of good players to choose so I dont think it matter were you picked : )
    okyo> thats true
    delectable> Thats fine. Like I said we have depth and I want to play as many people as I can (Thats the idea of this right) So he wont be needed for every single game
    okyo> nice, thats great
    delectable> l0l
    okyo> seems like you are following the true nature of twdt
    okyo> any final words?
    delectable> ALF is back in POG form.
    okyo> i dont think i was playing during the time alf was a squad, but i heard they were elite
    okyo> i hope ur team can show us the old alf power again so i can see something ive never seen with my own eyes
    okyo> thx for interview
    delectable> ROFLS
    delectable> you are hilarious
    delectable> and yes we can only hope. Best of luck!

    Brexit B+

    Starters: Iron Survivor, Attacks, Geio, Ro (7), Omega Red (6)

    Subs: Olde, Cloth (7), Temujin (7), Commodo (7), Anyone (6)

    Attacks has now capped his second TWDT team. He learned from his first experience as a captain that basers seem to be chosen at a much faster pace than warbirds. Understanding that warbirds were not going to be selected early on, he initially concentrated his first few picks on basers. Iím not a base expert, but heís got quite the team with Pressure leading the charge.

    With Iron Survivor and Geio right behind him, Attacks seems ready to lead his team to a blue medal. The question is: how active is Iron going to be? He will need to be at full power to stand any chance. Ro as a 7* warbird is godly, but his show rate is very questionable.

    Iron Survivor:
    He won TWLD last season and carried much of Zidaneís Power in TWDTD last season as well. I have been playing with him for the past 6 years, so I understand exactly how dominant he is in warbird (might not apply to 1v1 duels, though).

    Killing Ability: 9/10
    Dodge: 8/10
    Survivability: 8/10

    The best and only British warbird who has ever won a TWLD medal. Since he played an entire season with Iron, heís established real chemistry with him. Will it be enough to beat the other great warbirds team? We shall see.

    Killing Ability: 6/10
    Dodge: 7/10
    Survivability: 9/10

    This is quite a dilemma. Tripin or Geioówhoís the greatest bencher of all time? To my understanding, the winner of this fabulous prize would be Geio!! Not only has he never got out of the spectator ship when it comes to TWLD, but my sources also told me that he contributed to a grand total of zero to the organization of this seasonís TWDT. He is supposed to be the lead organizer of it, and yet he benches that too. Bencher for life. Clap Clap Clap.

    Killing Ability: 6/10
    Dodge: 6/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    He has great talent in warbird and is easily able to carry a team with scores like 18-9. However, his effectiveness will remain to be determined as his show-rate is questionable. He bailed out on Dreamwinís Terrorist last season after all.

    Killing Ability: 6/10
    Dodge: 6/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Omega Red:
    Omega Red is a current TWLD champion. This pixelated medal is going to give him the power to destroy anyone that dares obstruct his endeavors.

    Killing Ability: 2/10
    Dodge: 2/10
    Survivability: 2/10

    Terrorist C

    Starters: Dreamwin, War, Rasaq, Zizzo (7), World (6)

    Subs: Havok (7), Afri (7), Ra (7), Anyone (6)

    Dreamwin may not have drafted a strong warbird team, but this negligence is justified in his drafting of a very terrifying team in both javelins and basing. In short, he will go nowhere in warbirds, but will go very far in the 2 other divisions.

    Within the demographic of the countless javelin players out there, Dreamwin is certainly among the best in warbird.

    Killing Ability: 6/10
    Dodge: 5/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Long-time veteranÖ

    Killing Ability: 6/10
    Dodge: 5/10
    Survivability: 5/10

    Seems to be pretty inactive at the moment, but has always been a great warbird. If he decides to unrust, then maybe Terrorist is going to cause upsetsÖ hopefully.

    Killing Ability: 7/10
    Dodge: 6/10
    Survivability: 6/10

    Zizzo doesnít ever play warbird, but always seems to put up phenomenal scores in TWDTD. Perhaps this is due to his understanding of how to properly use an IMAX screen to his advantage.
    Killing Ability: 5/10
    Dodge: 5/10
    Survivability: 8/10

    Legendary player from Extreme Games. I hope he will show us what EG players are made of.

    Killing Ability: 2/10
    Dodge: 2/10
    Survivability: 2/10

    Baratheon C

    Starters: Racketeer, Kentaro, Ogron (7), Kovalchuk (7), Anyone (6)

    Subs: Kado (7), Cripple (7)

    Having been randomized into the worst draft position possible, it is no wonder that Ogron decided to abandon warbirds and javelins to focus on the league that he excels in the most. While he may not have a great warbird lineup, it will be interesting to see which team will be capable of dismantling this possibly insurmountable basing line. Dreamwin, Attacks, and Zidaneís team will be their greatest competitors for sure.

    I believe this guy is Zagis. Heís always been a pretty good warbird but hasnít really made himself known until recently when he dominated every game of last seasonís TW on Paladen.

    Killing Ability: 6
    Dodge: 6
    Survivability: 6

    He is extremely inactive and, as far as I can remember, has never showed up to a single game of TWDT in the past 2-3 seasons. Odds are that he wonít show up to a single game this season either.

    Killing Ability: 7
    Dodge: 6
    Survivability: 6

    Heís not a warbird, but he understands very well how to support his fellow lead warbirds in matches.

    Killing Ability: 4
    Dodge: 4
    Survivability: 6
    He sold his $465,000 house to buy digital currency known as Ďgemsí on a mobile game called Clash of Clans. He is currently level 165.

    Killing Ability: 5
    Dodge: 5
    Survivability: 6

    :ogron:can i get an interview from you sir
    (Ogron)>for what
    gron:am writing a draft review, inspired by you
    (Ogron)> oh... just starting writing one LOL...
    (Ogron)>u can do it if u want tho
    gron:well we can have 2 threads, thats gonna be even more hype lol
    (Ogron)>sure fire away
    (Ogron)>ill name mine Ogron's TWDT 2017 DRAFT REVIEW
    (Ogron)>instead of TWDT 2017 DRAFT REVIEW
    gron:thx, so i know being the #5 in the draft position sucked... and thats probably why you have no wbs or javs
    gron:but ur basing team is insurmountable
    gron:do u think u will win this seasons basing?
    (Ogron)> i'm a 1-leaguer with a terrible draft spot, zid/dreamwin get to pick multi-leaguers and are multi-leaguers
    gron:zid being a 3 leaguer himself as 2nd picker
    gron:it cant be any better for him
    (Ogron)> i saw no reason to try to compete with them in multiple leagues when they have a huge built-in advantage
    (Ogron)>also Henry Saari changed the league to making playoffs PER LEAGUE, so there was no incentive to branch out
    gron:thats true, but now you got proven twlb players in all important ships of basing
    (Ogron)>or i would have picked you 2nd round
    (Ogron)>or iron
    gron:oh yeah i heard about that
    (Ogron)>but since its per league, i said fuck it, i enjoy basing, and just want to have fun
    gron:it makes concentrating on 1 league a very smart choice
    (Ogron)> i think so ya
    (Ogron)>as for if we'll win... let me see other rosters
    gron:id love to be on your team, thought delectable chose me as his main warbird for his 2nd player... until it was nullified
    gron:wonder if he really thinks im better than other 10* wbs
    (Ogron)>dunno, i can't speak to delectable's thought process, when i ran TWDT he was a cap for me and insisted on his team name being CUMFAGGOTS
    (Ogron)>so what goes through his head is anyone's guess
    (Ogron)> i replaced him as cap with a bag of potato chips and it was a huge upgrade
    gron:yes he is quite the eccentric person
    gron:anyways how are the other team in your opinion in basing?
    (Ogron)> I think Paladin's lineup is full of no show basers, I don't think ALF's basing line is good, Zid's line is solid but no terr, Brexit could be dangerous if Ro shows but their low-stars are weak
    gron:thats what i thought as well about paladen
    (Ogron)> Dreamwin has 8 high star basers on his team (I have 6) lol
    gron:zid is counting on vehicle or aprix to terr, we'll see how it works
    gron:but if it doesnt work the way it should, then i think your team will breeze to victory in basing
    (Ogron)> I think the favorites are going to be Baratheon and Terrorist in base, with Power/Brexit as dark horses, and ALF/Paladin as cannon fodder
    (Ogron)>aprix is a pretty good terr tbh, i didnt think of that
    (Ogron)>ya zid's line is good
    gron:yeah, but his showrate is questionable
    gron:anyways thx for interview
    (Ogron)> I consider Terrorist the biggest threat
    (Ogron)>but just let it be known
    gron:will do
    (Ogron)>the 2 times i capped before, in 2013 and 2016, I knocked Terrorist the fuck out in playoffs
    (Ogron)> Baratheon 2-0 vs Terror, about to be 3-0

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    Thanks for the writeup. your analysis is 100% spot on but alf is the best warbird squad right now because i just got 15-8 vs. paladen
    Quote Originally Posted by jerome
    can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???

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    Great write-up, thanks for this!

    Someone edit that post and turn emoticons off though, blinding me trying to read my interview.
    Steadman> how are Skyforger and Henry Saari rated 10?
    Zidane> yeah, ratings are a complete joke
    Ogron> hey now, those guys have won multiple TWL titles
    Ogron> if you multiply by 0
    Steadman> loooool
    Zidane> LOL

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    Lol thanks a bunch for doing this. was laughing out loud at some parts.

    GO Power !

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    Nice review okyo.. I didn't know you could speak either lol :P I'll be starting sometimes but def not every game. We have a few 7's in wb better than me. Def will be sub if required as I can stay alive for ever if need be. GL this season

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    Accuracy: 10/10
    Humor: 8/10
    Writing: 9/10
    1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

    1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

    Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

    Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

    Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.

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    Awesome write up okyo buddy! Ow

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    More interviews..

    Interview with BREXIT:

    okyo> so how do u feel about the team u drafted?
    okyo> ur a warbird so it puzzles me why u chose basers early on
    Attacks> Quite happy, I feel in a better shape all round than my last draft team
    okyo> yeah? i think u got a better position in the draft lottery as well, i may be wrong
    Attacks> Because I value all 3 leagues, I don't want the other two leagues to suffer for my own personal preferance
    Attacks> if I had a shallow jav and basing team, it would hurt those leagues
    okyo> true. but its not like ur neglecting wbs or javs
    okyo> in fact they are pretty competitive and are contender for titles
    Attacks> Well I took big names in basing as I don't know the league that well to find gems
    Attacks> where as warbird I can spot talent easier and wing it a bit better, not that my team is a slouch
    Attacks> Me and Iron have played for a while now, and olde and omega red too
    okyo> u got pressure who led his (or healt's team) last season to victory....
    Attacks> and Geio is quality in draft leagues
    okyo> make him your co-captain and im sure he'll bring you to victory in the league he plays
    Attacks> Yeah im really lucky this year, I got plenty of leaders, infact Tiny, Pressure and Commodo were all last years captains
    (Ogron)>This is quite a dilemma. Tripin or Geio who s the greatest bencher of all time?
    okyo> yeah u got pressure and commodo and urself... 3 captains who know what they're doing
    (Ogron)>can't breathe...
    Attacks> Hopefully Tiny can forgive me for last years trade problems we had, and show
    okyo> yea
    okyo> if he shows, ur team is going to be pretty god in jd
    okyo> anyways any last words?
    Attacks> yeah, I am guttted I got moved to 7 in javelin
    okyo> lol sadly you wont get any playing time in jav
    Attacks> I was really hoping to have a run this year, but Im nowhere near a 7
    Attacks> its unfair I take my other 7s places also
    Attacks> Last words are
    Attacks> whatever team people are on, show up, be mature and play, wherever you like the team your on or not, think about the bigger picture
    Attacks> Too many people in this game who can't see further than the end of their nose
    okyo> true the purpose of twdt is to bring new players to the competitive side of the zone
    okyo> anyways thx for the interview.
    Attacks> anytime fella, your looking deadly in warbird this year

    Interview with POWER:

    okyo> interview?
    zidane> LOL
    okyo> lol
    zidane> u killed me
    zidane> sure !
    okyo> ye how do u like me vsing geio
    zidane> good stuff
    zidane> i agree hes best bencher
    okyo> ye ogron told me it was funny too lol
    okyo> anyways im sure ur well aware that u have the best team across all league...
    okyo> but i think ur strongest would be warbird, but ogron think otherwise
    okyo> wat do u think about this? i think we'll breeze through
    zidane> i think its definitely wb or jav
    zidane> if weak and ricko show cosnistently i think we have by far the best wb team
    okyo> ye u got roiwerk as ur main jav teammate and hes always very reliable to showup n carry a game
    zidane> yeah
    okyo> ye i think ricko said he was gonna put in some effort this time coz he not on garbage team
    zidane> ye last year he got drafted by sum shit cap, i think attacks
    okyo> lol
    okyo> might be becuz that was the first time attacks ever capped in twdt
    okyo> but i think he much better now, his team looks great in all 3 league too
    zidane> lol yea im kidding he had a good team last year also. i think all teams look really strong except ogron's wb/jav lines
    okyo> dreamwin's wb team too isnt that great
    zidane> his best wb is himself right?
    okyo> ye pretty much
    okyo> well he has rasaq, but i doubt he gonna show much
    zidane> yea that prob wont go too well then but dreamwin usually dominates wb
    zidane> but that lineup has close to 0% chance to win wb
    okyo> ya
    okyo> maybe dreamwin will go 20-10 while his team go 3-10
    okyo> thats about it
    okyo> anyways thx for interview
    okyo> any final words?
    zidane> we will win wb cuz i picked okyo
    okyo> hehe im glad to be on ur team
    okyo> i wanted to be either on ur team or dreamwins

    Interview with PALADIN

    Jessup> hey u here? we r done
    okyo> im here, lets go
    Jessup> k
    okyo> so i see you drafted quite the big names warbirds in the first few rounds... naturally u will get very far in that league
    okyo> what about the 2 other league though, it seems u have neglected those a bit
    okyo> what do you think?
    Jessup> ya i guess it's just natural instinct, plus am firm believer wbs best overall players in game
    okyo> well u are a wb urself so i guess its normal for you to focus on wbs rather than base or jav
    okyo> ur basing team looks great too, but they will have to show up
    Jessup> well kira imo is a beast and vys racka.. spezza even all have potential.. a bit worried about lower star players
    okyo> all these dice players are reputed for never showing up, i may be wrong though
    Jessup> may need to do some trades or something
    okyo> yeah any good jav is pretty good in warbirds as well
    Jessup> the basers i think are pretty strong we have.. we just need them to show up
    okyo> yeah if you have cape, sphinx, wb, oderus to show up
    Jessup> thats what I believe lol i always loved lasenza comment.. "how hard can base be if you try" lol
    okyo> it can be quite surprising for basing giants like ogrons team or dreamwins
    okyo> lol well i think basing looks simple but every leagues have its characteristics
    Jessup> i'm honestly quite a newb in bd.. I know those names have power in that division.. really hoping they step up and help lead.. i'm trying to take a hands off approach as much as possible and listen to everyone who is leet's ideas
    okyo> well u got vys on ur team, perhaps he shall be your adviser in this case
    Jessup> sphinx is very important and mithrandia too.. the low star packages in dd jd and also base
    okyo> yea if everyone does show up i think ur basing line is actually very good
    okyo> anyways any final words
    Jessup> just gl to everyone and I hope Paladin has a great season and pulls some medals.. looking forward to it a lot
    Jessup> ty for doing interviews and reviews too
    okyo> yea paladin deserves a title
    okyo> np
    (Jessup)>oh i sent this to matchbot in interview okyo..vys .. ya I call him my "shadow cap" def am so glad to have him on the team

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    FUNNY my man!

    4:okyo> how is ricko going to be my slave if he is on my team?
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    Quote Originally Posted by olde View Post
    4:okyo> how is ricko going to be my slave if he is on my team?
    okyo ⊗ application denied for Cobra, by Ricko Feb. 20, 2017 - 21:41

    It appears that there may be a lack of chemistry.
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    Good read. Thanks for doing this.
    Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars

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    Nice predictions okyo, very acurate .. congrats!

    Ill prolly do really bad cause im playing on notebook, and honestly dont know how much i can show.

    Anyways good luck everyone

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    How is this Survivability: 3/10 possible after staying alive for 10 mins with 1 death.. dkm
    But rest seems pretty accurate indeed. You are right about my wb is better than jav, but I am a baser deep inside... But base is ded
    Major Crisis

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    Nicely done Okyo.

    IMO zid's team looks the best one, with a really nice mix of skill, activity, tryhards and leadership. They are the team to beat.

    Dele's team looks pretty good on paper, but i think they will fall short mostly due to inactivity.

    Jess's will be really good and a finals contender, mostly due to vys and racka going hard and carrying. But i think Brexit will do better than Paladin because of Iron, whom is my pick for MVP in dt-d. He will hard carry pretty much every game and he is also surrounded by really good and experienced wbs in Attacks,ro, geio and cloth.

    My team( DW's Terrorist) and Claus's are big underdogs, and will try to cause some upsets here and there. Both teams have good wbs, but lack the top talent the other teams do.
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