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Thread: How to get res-resizer (no direct link to download)

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    How to get res-resizer (no direct link to download)

    EDIT: doesn't seem to work in windows 10 and google yields results from 2 years ago.

    It's not my site. I received a ?msg in-game and thought I should share since it's kind of hard to find these days.

    Here's a copy&pasted post I made years ago on how to get it started:

    if your laptop has a 1376x767 or something similar as your desktop resolution then change it to something lower like 1024x768 this is because the resizer is not very good at lowering resolutions. so it messed up from 1377 -> 1280. This simple fix has worked for a bunch of people running into the same problem.

    this program allows you to have a resolution bigger than what your monitor allows. i have used it with a 1680x1050 laptop and gotten a 2048x1280 resolution. why? i play another zone where people have up to a 2500x1600 rez. you NEED atleast 1920x1080 to compete with the good guys there.

    what it does
    -if your max res is low like 1200x800 you can use it to get tw wb rez
    thus you can compete in twld
    -if your max res is higher than 1280x1024 but you want to compete in javelins with a higher rez you can use this

    what it does NOT
    -allows you to use a bigger rez than allowed in any given arena setting
    -doesn't make you a better player instantly unless you are spending some serious time getting used to the bigger rez

    This did NOT work on my vista laptop. it gave me errors. on my win 7 laptop i could use it without problems. i have used it in elims without a problem using a 2048x1280 rez. when i specced a jd with my squad before christmas, i was kicked out because the max limit there is 1920x1200 or 1920x1080 (can't remember)

    how to use it
    -Note: Please uncheck "Disable Clipping" under Advanced Options in the menu if you have that enabled.
    thats from the site in the link
    -remember to keep the aspect ratios. 1400x900 is 14x9 (duh) while you are increasing the rez on one aspect eg. changing from 1400 to 1700 make sure you keep the other ratio the same. 1280x1024 is 1280/1024 is 1.25. 1680/1050 is 1.6. fool around a bit until you get it right.
    -when i changed from 1680x1050 (my max) to 2048x1280 i had to use a 'very large' text in the options.
    -removing stars and backgrounds helps too

    fast installing guide
    -download and install it like a normal program
    -set the path to your ss folder like it asks you to
    -double click on continum resizer and when you have chosen rez, make sure you choose 'custom rez' under the resolution tab in the continuum main screen (before you log on)
    there should be a small box in the down-right corner of your screen

    edit. last but not least: you need to restart the program when you change res values.
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