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    Sick of politics? Need a break? want to get away.
    Wanna just forget Trump? or the Recession? or any political message?
    Well, welcome to the Brexit Titanic!

    Winning all 3 leagues is going to be titanic undertaking!
    But this ship is completely unsinkable! And we shall be going full speed ahead for destination Triple Crown!

    Frequently asked questions
    Omega Red> I'm not British? Am I still welcome on the Brexit Titanic?

    Don't worry, Britain still considers itself to have a empire and controls half the world, don't worry hop aboard.

    Iron Survivor> I live in Brazil in a shanty town and have a coconut wire connection. Will the Brexit Titanic have free wifi?

    Yes, it will have 56k dialup which is quadrople your current connection speed. We also have swimming pools with green water to make you feel at home after your horrible hosting of the olympics. PS. Namar sucks

    J-B-Inc> I am interested in dis extra acitivatas

    Please see our swimming with whales excursion, we will ask that you try to not mate with the sealife this time.

    Geio> I am wondering is their a gym onboard?

    Don't worry there is a small gym with some weights for all your benching needs.

    Pressure> I'm used to 4 guys riding me, and trying to capture a fag - is that a problem on the bugger boat?

    I think you mean flag. Please check you haven't reserved with a different boat.

    About your captain

    I have superb leadership and experience of winning. I founded Ossify and captained British squad once. We once held base in public 0 for a whole 15 minutes.
    I was the longest serving and best TWD head in Trench Wars history......
    I won a marathon duel to 5 around bottom safe zone agaist little buddhist
    I am a multi-shipper and consider myself at least a 10-10-9 in Ratings. If I wasn't so modest id rate myself 11-11-10
    According to Vys,Burger Nipples was carried by Vys's performances as a warbird and thanks to him, I won my first TWDT championship with Burger nipples. Please see evidence below........

    Result of Burger Nipples vs. top5squad: 50 - 43
    | K | D | Rating | LO |
    | ,------+------+-----------+----+
    | Burger Nipples / 50 | 43 | 2279 | 0 |
    +------------------------' | | | |
    | Attacks 13 | 8 | 883 | 0 | -Carried
    | bike 12 | 7 | 722 | 0 | -Carried
    | Creature 11 | 9 | 486 | 0 | -Carried
    | pascone 8 | 10 | 147 | 0 | -Carried
    | vys 6 | 9 | 41 | 0 | -Carrier
    | ,------+------+-----------+----+
    | top5squad / 43 | 50 | 1211 | 2 |
    +------------------------' | | | |
    | chuckle 10 | 10 | 346 | 0 | -In awe of Vys warbird skills
    | Ease 11 | 10 | 430 | 0 | -Unable to move due to being dazzled from vys's warbird skills
    | jaa 4 | 9 | -37 | 0 | -Only person able to keep up with Vys's amasing score
    | Jones 5 | 10 | -29 | 0 | -Took notes on Vys playing style to try and better himself as a warbird, Became a legend
    | Kentaro 11 | 10 | 478 | 0 | -Couldn't stop the onslaught of Vys, however would later take his place in Cobra, which would one day lead to Vys and Rickos divide.
    | Mega Newbie 2 | 1 | 23 | 2 | -Mega Newbie could only cope with one death before speccing in terror of vys's warbird skills.
    Burger Nipples wins this game!
    MVP: Attacks!

    I survived a whole season with Mene Gene on my draft team.
    I survived a whole season with Shaun on my draft team.
    I once played a TWBD on Pandora and lost without getting axed by Zidane; however, a third of the basing lineup got axed.
    I once pretended to be Sika and convinced an old Shinobi player Mastersword that he had a TCU Worm and that he must reformat his PC immediatly. Haven't seen him since.
    I almost got caught in a sting operation by the Quicksand anti-cyber sex gang.

    So if your not part of the Brexit Titanic, book now, could be coming to a free agency near you!

    Fancy a bum? Guvnor
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    British> my 18th tomoz $$
    Sol ^> 18 and scouse, so that two kids you have by now, brit?

    i.d.> I just farted and shit myself alittle bit

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    i dont know but i saw mega newbie and decided this needed to be brought up because it is awesome

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    This entire post was a masterpiece, a chef d'oeuvre, a magnum opus... bravo!

    i fucking lost it at:

    Quote Originally Posted by Attacks
    J-B-Inc> I am interested in dis extra acitivatas

    Please see our swimming with whales excursion, we will ask that you try to not mate with the sealife this time.

    Required reading to join Brexit:

    Steadman> how are Skyforger and Henry Saari rated 10?
    Zidane> yeah, ratings are a complete joke
    Ogron> hey now, those guys have won multiple TWL titles
    Ogron> if you multiply by 0
    Steadman> loooool
    Zidane> LOL

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    lol D
    I laughed irl through all of this.. nice post.. now Leland can show up and be a negative nanny.. GL next sunday Brexit

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    amazing post, thx tax

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    Thumbs up

    That was an amazing post! #BS used to be my favorite arena circa 2007.
    Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
    Message has been sent to online moderators
    2:BLeeN> veh yes
    2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
    2:BLeeN> ok then no
    :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
    (Overstrand)>oh...then yes

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    Well done sir. I support the Brexit campaign.

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    I voted Remain, you're going down.
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    TWL-J Season 21 Champion
    TWL-B Season 21 Champion
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    TWDT-J 2017 Champion

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    didn't that boat sink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Red View Post
    didn't that boat sink?
    I will show you:

    features iron. check

    paint me like one of your french girls, tax

    Quote Originally Posted by jerome
    can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???

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    The best thread I've seen in a long time. You absolutely killed me with pressure and Jb inc comments...good job on the moping the finals my man. Shame you didn't show the other round heh
    Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars

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    lol i love this game
    2:morph> serious question how does ass taste crip
    2:cripple> dude it tastes amazing. especially when her liquid comes out after u pull out ur tongue out of her butthole
    2:jebass> i gave a rim job wants got a pc of corn stuck to my tongue

    Mortal 2016

    4:cripple> everyone DOWNLOAD my cheat engine it removes .5 sec off ur respawn and adds a 3rd into regen energy link is here:

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    Peyton Manning

    Quote Originally Posted by Vatican Assassin View Post
    all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
    JAMAL> didn't think there was a worse shark than midoent but the_paul takes it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attacks View Post
    J-B-Inc> I am interested in dis extra acitivatas

    Please see our swimming with whales excursion, we will ask that you try to not mate with the sealife this time.
    3:kyler> who r u btw i keep wanting to ask people "who is 45th pres" but someone gonna say "trump"
    3:45th President> do it
    kyler> who is 45th President
    nah> donald j trump

    Downfall> Shoutout to forwards for randomly giving gunsmith results that made no sense and just made things harder

    Jacklyn> holster is the thing that holds/carry the gun

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