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Thread: Make America great... I mean Make Trench Wars Great Again.

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    Make America great... I mean Make Trench Wars Great Again.

    Have not logged in for ages. Forum conversations still revolve around how to save TW that go nowhere.

    The fix: All changes to the game should focus solely around making the game fun for the majority of players.

    Over the years, have read about these seemingly worthless changes 3v3, player borrowing, pubbux usage, basing etc... does that really make the game more fun?

    Talk should revolve around... if there is 1 thing you could change. What would make the game more fun?
    - Building is pretty fun: Why not allow ships to build blocks so people can set up new types of defenses?
    - Dodging is fun: Why not have areas of bases where you have to dodge and use your flying skills to obtain special resources
    - Elimination is pretty fun: Why not have certain powerful ships w/ special stats that you can play only once a day until you are destroyed
    - Leveling up: Every game has a way of leveling up to obtain better stats, why does TW suck?
    - Specialization: Using pubbux that allow people the ability to specialize their weapon stats. You see it in other games? (every ship does not have to be the same)
    - Cosmetic: Why not allow people to customize their ship w/ different skins and such?

    We have built so many great maps from ghoulgames to beast to highschool... each of them has a certain level of fun attributed to them and once were heavily hosted and populated... take all that you've learned and what's fun about it and combine all this learning into something that makes this game fun.

    Make it so people actually want to play.

    Each new feature, the majority of the community should be .. COOL.. i want to try that. Not... oh.. it was 5v5, now it's 3v3. ... same ole shit. Different number. Oh... we used to duel in twel, now we can do it in a circle in pub... same ole shit.

    Before this game is dead, whoever is running it now... really just ask yourself one question. Work on something that would make this game more dynamic and fun.

    Everyone and their mom says "I've beaten this game years ago..."

    Give them some other challenge.

    k... I'm out. Mic drop

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    Some of these kinds of ideas have been tried, such as ship upgrades (see Distension, Mystic Kingdom, etc).

    Some of them aren't possible with the current protocol/client/server (building, cosmetics on ships, etc).

    Some just "aren't Trench Wars." As in, people come back here to play a game they used to and to get in touch with old friends. Most have no interest in anything new or different. Changing even a single setting on the "untouchable" ships is not considered acceptable by most of the community.

    We get pushback for most of the changes put in. It's a slow process, and most changes don't magically make things better. Many make things worse (which changes, and how much, is a big source of debate). Something to remember, though: unlike games just being released today, we actually have a long-standing community with certain expectations about what the game is and isn't. And when those games' multiplayer communities die out in a year, SS will still be going.
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    Major changes can't happen because we don't own the game code.

    Next issue we have is that the game is so old, the people remaining have gotten so used to things that any major change (or sometimes small) would piss them off so much. They would still overreact even if the change turns out to be very good. This would put anyone off.

    There is things we can do that could test flying skills at least in pub is by having wormholes next to an enterance at the side of pub that would take some skill to get through. I've mentioned this before but this was just directed at ur opinion of that collosus. I would love to lvl up in pub as long it doesn't imbalance pub. Somehow to merge spending spacebux to lvl up as an incentive to get spacebux, have a highscores table on top lvls and this resets every 6 months. I predict though when game does die out, someone out there will build a new version of tws with the codes to do anything.
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    I'd literally quit this game if any one of these idiotic changes were implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pressure View Post
    I'd literally PLAY this game if any one of these idiotic changes were implemented.

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