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Thread: Update on relaunch mechanics

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    Update on relaunch mechanics

    Steam has updated its mechanics away from "relaunches," which would give a raw 500,000 impressions (views), to what's called update visibility rounds. Previously you had 1 launch and 2 relaunches; now you have 1 launch and 5 update visibility rounds. The rounds run for 30 days and will cause the game to show up on the main page/in recommended options more often for people who have bought/played similar games.

    This is good and bad news. On one hand, it means we have many more boosts to population to use. On the other, not nearly as many people will see the game.

    However, considering how we were completely unable to deal with the massive influx of players that the launch brought, this may be an overall net positive. One of the best things is how the new approach will target players of similar games; people who play lo-fi space shooters like Space Pirates and Zombies, massively multiplayer action stuff, vaguely similar games like Altitude, etc., will be more likely to see us than others. And these are the players who are most likely to be willing to put up with a clunky old interface in order to get to the strong core character of the game.

    Meanwhile, progress continues. I'm working out quirks with the installer, and mostly have things resolved. (Still need testing on various OS's, though -- last part.) We have a professional graphic designer working on tutorial graphics, which will appear on the map itself, like Santa letters do, with the ability to be turned off after the player's sick of seeing them. And soon zones will be able to directly push map and graphics/sound files to Steam via a simple sharing system, allowing Steam users to save big on downloads, and opening up the possibility of development using more and better-quality assets.

    Will keep posting as things develop. Somehow getting closer despite working full time, having a social life and working on TW, heh.
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    Exciting news no doubt. +1

    I'd like to add here something you can take with a grain of salt, but I thought was worth throwing it out for the sake of it. I personally think it would be a good idea to change either in-game PM text or tutorial message text, to another color like "purple" or "orange". Reason being, when a new player logs in for the first time, they are overwhelmed from the bombardment of green walls of text (largely unread) while they try to figure out the controls and what the heck the game is about. Moderators then send more green text to the player in efforts to assist them but this usually gets lost in the wall of tutorial text, proving fruitless for staff and new players alike.

    I am hoping the graphic designer can create a simple room for new players to spawn into that lays down the foundation for the game and maybe even provide help for setting up a profile for competitive play like; changing options to remove background/stars, installing big bullets/aim enhancer, adjusting resolution, finding and joining a squad and how to customize and apply banners.

    Lastly, I talked to Upsta about this in the past and am not sure if there is progress but, for new players wanting to play in the league, they shouldn't have to go to twd, tell the bot !register and !signup, then head to the website, login and find their profile to apply but instead just visit the website, sign in and apply to a squad, since most understand navigating a website. An idea I have to add to this, new player goes to website and makes an account that links their profile to site. Staff see's the new account and applies the needed commands for them to the twd bot in-game. The player waits for this process which is a form of "authorization". Once the staffer has set the player up in twd, they're website account is unlocked and they are free to apply to a squad. As for squad tags, not sure if its possible but it would be nice if those can be added when they join the squad. Same thing for creating a squad, player goes to the site, clicks a "create squad" link, fills out the squad "Name" "Password" and optional "Squad Banner", on the same page is useful information on how to create a squad chat, which zones to play (twdd, twdd2, twjd, twjd2, ect.) vs other squads in and how to work match bots (eg. matchbot#:!help, !challengeall, !removechallenge *). Once the "create squad" form has been filled out and submitted, a ticket goes to a staffer, staffer picks it up, goes in twd and sets the squad up for the player. After complete, the player receives a message they are all set to play/recruit and can go from there. All of this seems easy to most of us but for newcomers, this is a lot of work. Once they get established into the game, they can learn the old school way of doing things but it would be nice to have a simplified version for newcomers I think.

    Anyways, can't wait to see how things progress here. I just thought I'd take a moment and share a few ideas I had to help this game be more player friendly to newcomers haha. Thanks and farewell!


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