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Thread: The future of TW and what we can do to help

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtine View Post
    It's ok Claus. Action against you have been taken. And not just by staff, if you catch my drift.
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    I read the first 3 pages and then got bored so excuse me if I'm saying something that was already stated.

    Twdt/Twl are the only things keeping this game alive. Pub is the busiest but like Clause said - it's pretty much a clusterfuck. It doesn't teach new players anything and it just throws them into a confusing start. The whole elim/belim is good on paper but it just doesn't work overall due to the death limit/entering during a game.

    As for staff and trying to help - I loved being staff for the little time that I was. My issue was that I was required to hit a quota of help calls in order to stay as a staff member.. I only wanted to help people and the zone but that was very frustrating. I have a full time job and other obligations outside of the game that it felt more of a chore to sit there and worry about hitting quota when I was more concerned about just lending a helpful hand..

    Also - the idea for paying people to play is a terrible suggestion but it's just a suggestion - fork meant well and was trying to help but there is no way we should use donated money to bribe anyone to dedicate time for pennies on the dollar.. play because you enjoy the game/people.

    Sadly I think as the core/majority get older - the more the game is and will fall apart.

    I pretty much log on just to talk to people and play twdt/twl whenever that's going on. Enjoy whatever time we have left because the memories is all we'll have in the end.

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    I'll post my reply in this thread here also:

    Importance of pub:
    This is where players get started. If they have fun here, they may stick around and participate in other activities. Unfortunately, pub isn't as populated anymore, but I think bot automization for flag game is good. There have been in my opinion too many rule and arena layout changes (bot commands, how to buy greens). You learn all these levterr shots, burst spots, jav shots, etc. and then the arena changes and most of it is gone. I don't feel like putting in much of an effort anymore when things keep changing.

    Good modding & healthy environment:
    I've seen racist comments, bad behaviour and teamkilling going on without any repercussions from staff, even when reported. Actions need to have consequences and it is vital to have a healthy, non-toxic environment for the enjoyment of players and to welcome (and not scare off) newcomers. To do this you'd need a working roster of dedicated staff to be present in the game as much as possible.

    Beginners tutorial:
    The game at first, with all the different control keys, commands, chat, ships, arenas and zones can be a bit overwhelming. Kind of like you enter an airliner cockpit for the first time and have to fly the damn thing. Too many buttons, meters and whatnot. A tutorial (either in-game of video/youtube) would go a long way to introducing players to the game step by step, so they don't get put off by the complexity.

    This is in fact a vital mechanism that game developers know very well. Many games introduce you playfully to its mechanics step by step. Gradually you master the game and you feel yourself improving, creating a positive feedback loop.

    Safe tours for newbs:
    Expanding on the tutorial thing: this guy took me on a tour once, his nick was Safe Tours or something similar, terring me around pub arena. He explained stuff in a friendly, interesting way, with fun facts and humor. I don't know if he was invincible, or we just got lucky and didn't get killed, but this would be great to have, especially for newcomers. A welcoming gesture.

    More events/ activities:
    Makes the game feel alive and active and are fun to participate in. Preferably a variety of events, not just zombies…

    This game could do with a better trailer to spread on social media. The current one has a nice professional looking intro with the logo, but then it doesn't look that attractive. A lot of gamers are obsessed with graphics and you need to get them over the threshold to experience the gameplay.

    I've seen some great looking stuff over the years that would make for a good trailer. Supership duels (unlimited attach), donkey kong event, world wars, special arenas like mario kart, sumo, vortex etc etc and even just regular basing cool moments. Like a high speed lev shot coming in to devastate base/flagroom, a highly skillful jav duel shot/kill, a hunting party getting the LT, terr bullet warp kills, etc.

    Unfortunately I never recorded any footage of that, but I know video-editing and am willing to help out if need be.

    Final comments:

    I agree that restricting arena is not a good idea. If enough people are active, there's plenty of stuff going on and you can do basing, LTing or LT hunting etc., like in eralier days. Most important thing is an influx of new players and for that you need to lower barriers and get them up to speed. Make sure they have a good experience.

    That said, it may be too late for this game and it'll only dwindle down further.

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