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I can see a case for an 8-Star slot in base, but I'm still skeptical about WB/Jav.

I think, for now, we're on the 7/6 train still, but using centigrade to change things up a bit.

WB: 0-65, 0-75
Jav: 0-65, 0-75
Base: 0-65, 0-75, 0-75

I like the idea of an additional 0-85 slot for base, it reduces the draft capital burden and helps captains go for more leagues.

That said, it depends on signups. We expect 4 contenders in each league in an average 6-Team, and 2 non-contenders (unless there are 6 great caps like 2016 Fall, where there was legit competition in all 3 leagues from all 6.)

Let's look at 8+ in WB this season (9+ bolded):

ALF (Mythril, Delectable, Reaver, Jones, Turban)
Power (Weak, Ricko, Okyo, Raazi, Beam)
Brexit (Iron Survivor, Ease, Attacks, Geio, Olde)
Baratheon (Best, Racketeer, Kentaro, Spezza)
Paladin (Lasenza, Vys, Racka, Tanzu, Tripin, 24, Flew)
Terrorist (Skepsis, Rasaq)

We're talking about benching Jones, Weak, Attacks, Racka, and Tanzu, on top of the fact that Power wouldn't have advanced without their depth. ALF had four 9s and they didn't show half the time, Brexit had lag issues in the Finals, Best disappeared, Paladin had 3 of their 4 not show to Semis and Skepsis was a ghost.

The distribution of WBs was already pretty good, and 8s like Turban, Beam, Geio, Olde, Kentaro, Spezza, Tripin, 24, Flew and Rasaq all got significant playing time because of lag and no shows.

Restricting 9s and 10s wouldn't achieve much, other than pissing off talented players the odd time that three of them do show up to a match together.

Turban didnt play one wb game, he didnt show.

And it's like you only want to keep the 9-10 people on the game. Like it isnt frustrated for 8s to get benched all the time if they show up.