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Thread: Peaked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeydude View Post
    im still trying to be as good as jerome
    holy hockeydude fuck
    The Phase > what version of ssc are you guys running?
    Criminal> idk whatever was on the first google result for "piece of shit spaceship game from 96 free download"

    Quote Originally Posted by Leland View Post
    lol lo l oo lo l ol olol o lo l ol o lo l o

    420 420 420


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    Man, I remember putting in around 30-40hours a week from like 2002-2005. ?go base was my living room back then. Had a good old time on squads like Juice, Sage, ReJeCtEd BaSeRs, AseVoimat, LEGO. I was quite the squadhopper, but what can I say, I was just a teenager looking for the next thrill. As the zone quieted down over the years I expanded into dueling and javs even more than before. My last year of true activity 2008 I helped start sweet with jones and vt(actually using this alias). I went into the army to fulfill mandatory conscription in january of 2009 and never truly came back after that. I still played TWL(J) for wingmasters both of the seasons they got in as a reserve. I am way past my prime now, just got back into the game the past 2 weeks (except for a small foray during the 2016 summer). This game holds a special spot in my heart forever. Had such good times in it during my teens. Players like Spikey, Cyrus, desire, jones, jerome, apt, vt, crunchy nut to name a few are people that made it a laugh to sign in.

    Peace out, Logain/Zip Reloaded/G.Skill/Captain Lonestar.

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