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Thread: Have bad lag / packetloss / lagouts? Help us fix it!

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    Have bad lag / packetloss / lagouts? Help us fix it!

    We believe we've isolated this ongoing connection problem to the network that TW is hosted on, but not the server itself. Unfortunately, the company is a large corporation that hosts over 100,000 game servers, and will not investigate the issue unless enough reports come in to make it "actionable." At that point, support agents will receive more and more negative points in their department if it isn't resolved. Simple self-interest is what will get this fixed. The information you provide will also help them locate the source of the issue. Last time this happened in 2015, it was a DDoSer using their network secretly, so we're actually doing them a big favor.

    What we need you to do: run a Trace from inside Continuum, and then submit your report to the TW server host.

    Here's how:

    1. Exit to the main menu/zone list.
    2. Select TW (or EG) and press the big TRACE button.
    3. Wait 5 (or more) minutes, or until you have at least 30-50 cycles completed. (See Cycles in bottom left corner)
    4. Click "Export..." and save the report to a text file. On your desktop is a good location, for easy reference.
    5. Open the text file from where you saved it, select all, copy, and paste into the sample letter below where it says (Paste traceroute report here)
    6. Find your IP address using, and paste after My originating IP:
    7. Go to
    8. Fill out the form. In the Comments section, paste the completed letter.
    9. Rinse and repeat every day until they fix it. This is what worked last time.

    Technically-skilled people are encouraged to submit their own preferred multi-iteration traceroute instead of Continuum's built-in util. mtr from a Linux box is a great option, as it provides a much clearer representation of actual packetloss rates. Try this: mtr -rwc 50 -i 1.0 -rw

    Visual guide for how to use Continuum's Trace:

    You can also try contacting HopOne with the same info, though when I tried a couple of days ago, the contact form was broken.

    And, if you're willing, you're encouraged to use the Chat feature on either or and explain the situation to them, and see what they are doing about the problem. (Or call them directly.) Reference Ticket #553598 and ask them what they're doing to resolve it. Every time someone reports, chats, calls, etc., this gets bumped in priority.

    -----COPY BELOW THIS LINE-----


    I'm a player of the game Subspace. Our game server at has been hosted by your company for more than a decade. Many players, including me, have been experiencing extremely high packetloss, and our game server is forced to reboot several times a day as a result of it, ruining many games. The packetloss is occurring en route to the server, starting at certain entry points to Hopone, and therefore, appears unrelated to our server specifically. This has been happening for nearly a week, and is disrupting our ability to play the game. We had a similar problem in February 2015, when you discovered the cause to be a well-hidden DDoSer originating from part of your network.

    We already have a support ticket in (Ticket 553598), but our head administrator may not be available to respond to it, as the email address you have on file for him is possibly outdated. Also, it's safe to say that as one of the multi-millionaire creators of Skype and Kazaa, he's a difficult man to reach.

    Please add my traceroute report, found below, to the ticket. I will continue to submit reports to help diagnose this issue until it can be resolved.

    My originating IP: ---(Go to and paste your IP here)---

    ---(Paste traceroute report here)---

    Thank you for your time.
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    Done it today :

    Tracing Zone: SSCU Trench Wars IP Address:

    Cycles: 2535

    (Yes i send them the complete tracing file)
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    When I first started playing.. trace would show a full long list for me and I could actually see where I was getting latency. For some reason now when I trace I get 6 Ip's listed and then in the 7 and 8 slot it shows

    7 ....

    8 ....

    with a green dot that flashes in between them.. No info is shown no matter how long I wait in these slots. When I've done Trace when I have super bad ping, the same display is shown showing no issue and the problem area remains unlisted. The 7 slots I do see show a normal connection yet my ping is 130-160 ms with s2c starting around 6.0% . When I wait in game for 30 to 40 minutes it usually slowly drops and hovers around 1.5% s2c. The ping stays high though. I notice high ping and latency tend to happen for me in the evening and when high numbers of players are in the zone. As I've said before I literally live 1 mile from our server in Washington DC.

    This was my display just now.. all seems stable and normal at this moment

    But this is the display when it goes haywire in evenings

    I notice I get these cycles that seem to fluctuate daily. For me trace refuses to show the issue though.. makes me scratch my head.

    Oh also... even when ping seems normal like it is now.. the delay on pub bot is still happening where if you attach quickly to a terr in base and drop off it warps you back out into lower base where starting spawn was supposed to happen.. quite annoying heheh . Anyone have this issue too or know why the trace stops for me on 7 and 8 slot showing only ... and being totally undefined?

    This is my trace picture that shows what I mean on the 7/8 spots
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    Are we positive the bot lag/ double warp issues in pub are server related? My ping is 20 ms and 0.0 s2c and c2s yet the twpub is still slow to respond and warping 2 times after attaching to terrs. Could it be something else as far as the slow bot response zone has been seeing?

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    Screenshot of Evening Lag.. It just jumped up and is horrible .. was good all day until now.. ran a trace and again it will not show me where the ping is coming from

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    fix this lag bullshit

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