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Thread: Warn/Punish Ogron for purposely blacklisting me..

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    Warn/Punish Ogron for purposely blacklisting me..

    I was 1 of 2 subs on sub-list in tslb game. It was Maito-chi and Jessup. I went to tlsb arena and both squads were one player shy. Cres offered me his spot because he couldn't play. Multiple other people requested I be added and said I deserved a chance and it would make the basing game fair. Ogron would not listen.. had a complete tizzy because I was proper sub and refused to let me in. Instead he allows a player who just dallies in late not on the original sub list named wingzero to play. I am trying to reach the multiplayer position for base and being blacklisted by ogron and thwarted in my goal to reach finals. He refused my deserved spot as sub and many requests from others . He is blatantly ruining my chances out of spite because he is a douche like that. It was my rightful sub. Cres and I were "good subs" for each other This guy ogron has been showing himself time and time again to be biased and trying to ruin my tsl experience and others in TSL base . This is unacceptable and I request some type action be taken against him. I deserve a run at multibaser spot as I am in contention and had already been shut out of a base game earlier. I have logs to back up how this all unfolded.

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    jessup gets benched by the bot in base way 2 often for it not 2 b some sort of glitch. i volunteered 2 bench myself 2 let him play since we are probably close in rating. didnt think it wud b a huge deal considering it was 5 mins before the game started and ez 2 do. i did all of this knowing id be warned b/c idc about the league/game that much but jessup actually does so i thought id let him play 4 me.
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    well.............. Release the ratings

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    anyone know the current cres to jessup exchange rate? it wasn't at par the last time i checked.
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    Didn't witness the incident but the situation that Jessup and/or some others are not added in game a disproportionate amount is unfair. It can be easily fixed by giving everyone same % to be the sub. Should happen so rarely individually to be no big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kentaro View Post
    anyone know the current cres to jessup exchange rate? it wasn't at par the last time i checked.
    Implies someone would actually be willing to take jessup on their team instead of cres. Good luck finding this unicorn captain.

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    from what i saw here , jessup shudnt get warned.. i understand that u can not like someone in this game.
    But what you guys doing here is just bad. I agree jessup fly around, game take ages to finish , she doesnt team etc etc but just leave jessup alone and stop this shit attitude, zone already dying why keep acting like shit.

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