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Thread: Week 5 Review - TSLJ

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    Week 5 Review - TSLJ

    While competition is slowly making the gap smaller, zidane is still the fkin boss king with a solid lead. His combination of super high skill ceiling and activity is going to get him the #1 spot of reg season.

    Trasher and Ogron are the only other players above the 500$ threshold, however their standings in the Top 3 are all but guaranteed. Although Trasher and especially Ogron managed solid rating gains in Week 5 (Ogron shot up 4 spots!), expect rating progression for the current TOP 3 to slow down in the final weeks, since these players are among the most active TSLJers and their 20 game slots are already filled with very solid, high $ performances.

    Next in the ladder are veteran javelin pilots kess, 24, Geio and Iron Survivor with only 9$ value difference between them. However all of them have mediocre value gains in Week 5. If 24 picks up his activity, he is in the best position to finish in Top 3, as he only has 24 games played so far. Kess should also be hard to stop as his team draw luck is due for improvement, which should bring his Win% closer to 50% and will likely correspond in his value. Expect all of these high ceiling pilots to make the All-Stars, however completely resting on their laurels would be pushing it as the difference to 11th ranked player is less than 100$.

    The current 8th ranked player hellkite managed an excellent 101$ value increase in Week 5. Similar to kess, hellkite has a strong KPG, but team selection has robbed him of a lot of Win Bonuses. If his luck improves, he can easily challenge anyone’s Rank spot except zidane’s.

    Week 5 of TSLJ saw a phenom at play as Ease made a whopping 270$ in a single week, shooting up 17 spots in the ranking ladder. Posting the best week since Zidane’s 289$ Week 2. If Ease does not quit for the last 2 weeks, expect a guaranteed All-Star since he does not even have 20 games played!

    Skyforger squeezed in the TOP 10 with a solid value increase of 89$. This progression is likely to slow down since skyforger has 2nd most games played so far.

    The most likely player to break into TOP 10 in the last weeks of regular season is Kira_Yamato. Kira shot up 11 spots in the ranking in Week 5, has only 16 games and boasts an elite KPG. Recipe for success here.

    Having dropped 3 spots in the ladder Jessup is very close to TOP 10 in current value and individually is an underrated jav. However, Jessup needs to ramp up teaming aggression to get those 10+ KPG games if lineups are favorable to gain $Value. Week 5 saw Jessup have a slight increase in KPG so good things might follow.

    saw a solid value increase of 64$ in only 4 games played and has 23 games played overall. If activity improves this veteran pilot can break into TOP10, but it will be close.

    has similar stats to skyforger but slightly lower value but certainly within reach of TOP10 if he musters a good run for it.

    rounds up the TOP15 despite having the 3rd highest KPG in TOP15. 99$ from TOP10 is certainly within reach for this beast especially since he has the lowest amount of games played in TOP15. Activity is a big IF however.

    Outside TOP15 but with ability to storm it - Racka, temujin.

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    Regular season prediction:

    1. Zidane
    2. 24
    3. Hellkite
    4. Ogron
    5. Trasher
    6. Kess
    7. Ease
    8. Geio
    9. Iron Survivor
    10. Kira_Yamato

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    Nice write up sky!! These last two weeks people need to be really aggressive I guess. I don't play that way by nature but will try and go for broke to see what happens.
    Refreshing to see another player do a writeup besides BogUSron too.

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    Great write-up, thanks for this!

    I think Ease, Kira, and Dreamwin are definitely the strongest candidates to break into the Top 10. Ease is pretty much a lock, the other two are activity-dependent.
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    this was a pretty interesting read, good stuff

    hard for me to gain pts now : (

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    skyforger not even including me...OK..... t2t fgts...will stop playing from work.
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