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Thread: Season's End

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    Season's End

    Congrats to Ease, Ogron, Racka, beam, and Zidane on winning the TSLD Finals, Zidane, 24, Geio, Racka, and Iron Survivor on winning the TSLJ Finals, and Trasher, Ease, Mythril, Pressure, 24, skyforger, bellflowers and GLYDE on winning the TSLB Finals.

    95% of TSL is the regular season and making All-Stars, but it's nice to cap it off with a finale.

    TSL Season 2 will starts in a few weeks, with TWDT Signups starting at the same time, and the draft tentatively set for September 24th.

    I'm working with Qan to automate TSL and set it up so that others can run it down the road. I'll help to set up TWDT, but I'm not sure who is going to run TWDT, be it Henry Saari or someone else.

    I know Mythril has expressed interest in Capping, hopefully Dreamwin and Zidane return, along with some other veterans stepping up, or we'll end up with another delectable capping.

    Thanks for playing, and hope to see you in leagues soon.
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    Thank you qan and Claus for organizing and all the hosts as well!

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    Thanks guys for running this league, it was a huge success I think.

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    are we starting something up soon? game dies real quick without something running

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    Plans are in the works for a new TSL season in the coming weeks, with better automation, as well as the next TWDT, once we've firmed up who will staff it.

    Hosts need a little downtime and I need some time to code, but there will be competitive play starting again very soon. As Ogron mentioned, we're going to keep the momentum going forward.

    Keep checking back for more info.
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