1. Automating everything to a website

This is the big one, and will make TSL sustainable and no longer require a Ph. D in Excel to run. I sent Qan my files, and he is doing all the work. Pray for him!

2. Automating MMR for TSLD and TSLD

I've come up with a way to automate your matchmaking rating in the bot for those two leagues as it is relatively straightforward. It scores a 0.86 Pearson Correlation Coefficient in relation to the current subjective MMR ratings, which is fantastic. After 15-20 games in WB or Jav it will switch from your old MMR to your new MMR based entirely on your statistical performance.

3. New and Improved TSLB Matchmaking

The automated MMR won't be making its way to TSLB sadly, as it is too complex and interdependent, but we will be designing a completely new and much better TSLB Matchmaking system. I already have it done in my head, and will write it down soon and send it over to Qan for codification sometime soon.

4. Allowing basers to retire from 1 Ship and lowering their MMR accordingly with a !retire 3/5/8 feature to TSLBot

I'm strongly considering this feature. Porkjet didn't want to shark last season, and I've been wanting to switch back to Spidering for awhile, and others may want to play other ships and give newer players a chance in those spots. You would basically type !retire 8 to retire from Shark, and it would put your MMR to your 2nd best ship, likely lowering your MMR and not hurting your team by not playing your main ship. This would make you ineligible to be changed or switched into shark until you !unretire. Either Qan makes it so that the bot doesn't let you play that ship, or more likely if someone switches you, just sit in spawn and calmly explain you're not eligible to play that ship and you were selected with lower MMR due to it.

I'm not 100% on this, but it's definitely worth consideration. It's also worth consideration for TWDT, enabling you to get picked lower to play a different ship.

5. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please post them here

TSL Season 2 is coming up fast, as is TWDT, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know!