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    Season 2 Schedule


    TSLD -- 3:00pm EST
    TSLD -- 3:30pm EST
    TSLJ -- 4:00pm EST
    TSLJ -- 4:30pm EST
    TSLB -- 5:00pm EST
    TSLB -- 5:30pm EST


    TSLD -- 3:00pm EST
    TSLJ -- 3:30pm EST
    TSLB -- 4:00pm EST

    TSLD -- 9:00pm EST
    TSLJ -- 9:30pm EST
    TSLB -- 10:00pm EST


    TSLD -- 6:00pm EST
    TSLJ -- 6:30pm EST
    TSLB -- 7:00pm EST


    TSLD -- 3:00pm EST
    TSLJ -- 3:30pm EST
    TSLB -- 4:00pm EST

    TSLD -- 9:00pm EST
    TSLJ -- 9:30pm EST
    TSLB -- 10:00pm EST

    The Season Opener is Sunday, September 10th, 2017, and concludes with the Finals on Sunday, October 29th, 2017.

    Bonus Rounds are held after the stated timeslots, so stay online and ask the host if more games are coming! We typically run approximately 100 games per league each season.

    I'd also like to maybe try to get Euro warmups during TWDT Sundays -- like a game of WB, Jav, and possibly Base before the 3:00pm TWDT start time. So TSL would run one game of each, starting at around 1:30pm EST.
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    Schedules look good, alot of time slot options. 👍
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    Quick announcement about time slots at the start of the season

    We will be doing our best to staff these timeslots. However, last season's indisputable power-host, Henry Saari, who frequently stayed up all night long to continue to host TSL games during the summer, is out of town for the first week and a half of the new season. He also often served as a uniting point for TSL hosts and a general coordinator of slot-staffing efforts in his role as Dean.

    If by some unforseen circumstance, we aren't able to staff these slots, I apologize ahead of time. As a group of volunteers, we're only able to promise so much. Staff, please do your very best to host the scheduled games, and if time allows, bonus rounds. The continued success of TSL is very important to the zone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Claushouse
    Season 2 will now feature a bonus +5$ for your first 30 rounds in each league to encourage players to hit at least 30 games, and to help players who can't show as much compete with more active participants.
    After talking it over with Rab, the TSL website developer, we haven't been able to come to a satisfactory way to apply the bonus over the first 30 rounds. Additionally, there are some worries this could deincentivize play after the first 30 are played. We're going to need to think this one over more carefully and regroup on it, so for now, the bonus is not in effect. Hopefully the additional Euro-friendly timeslot will help make up for it in the meantime.
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    it would be good if we could stick to the given time slots - it seemed yesterday that a number of the rounds started early, which stops others being able to play them - for example the first round of TSLB was meant to start at 5pm, but the game itself started at 4:55pm (I was afk, came back at 4:59 and it was already a number of minutes in to the round). I also only made a few other games because I was logged on and happened to be on the game when matchmaking started; pretty sure a jav round started 15 minutes early too.
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    i guess ill have to start playing soon if i want to qualify, havent had the motivation to log on though :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by kentaro View Post
    i guess ill have to start playing soon if i want to qualify, havent had the motivation to log on though :P
    I'll play if you play.
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